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Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Little Green Men Games team is happy to announce the release of a major update for their space RPG game Starpoint Gemini 2. This big upgrade comes after 12 regular updates that were released over the last ten weeks. Ever since Starpoint Gemini 2 alpha version was introduced to Steam Early Access, community response was amazing and the amount of positive feedback is overwhelming. Almost half of the features implemented through all the updates actually originated from the community's ideas. This one is no exception. The list of most important features wrapped in this package:

●     Expanded in-game options
●     Toggle on-screen notifications (community request)
●     Unlocked several video options
●     Toggle bridge officer chatter (community request)
●     Added on-screen notifications like Level-up, Experience gained, Credits gained, Reputation        changed (community request)
●     Added quick target info - when you first target an object, a small representation of the object appears so players can almost instantly see what the target is exactly and its status (community requested)
●     Added reputation panel so players can have an overview of their standing with the 50+ game factions
●     Added Fleet->Systems panel
●     Added Fleet->Officers panel so players can see their hired officers, their bonuses and salaries
●     Added Station->Officers panel so players can hire new officers
●     Added Perks panel
●     Added the ability to purchase new ships and store them directly from the Shipyard into the Garage
●     Added Bounty board to the Starchart where players can look over the different „heroes“ they can hunt down for a reward
●     Added pre-rendered intro movie for the campaign
●     Added Loot panel for captured ships

New Trailer:

Additional information and game progress can be checked at:
and also our Facebook page
and Twitter
This upgrade will be followed by previously planned and announced price increase, as Starpoint Gemini 2 advances towards beta phase.

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