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Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Adventures of Undae

This looks like a worthy project - a game designed to educate people about water pollution.  No backers yet, but then again the campaign has only started very recently.

Game Trailer

Game Overview

Undae is an educational and environmental-friendly video game (only for Windows for the moment).
The main character (Undae) is a water drop with super powers used to clean the pollutants it will encounter during the game.
It takes place all along the water cycle: beginning in the ocean, then going to evaporation, condensation, precipitation, runoff and finally going back to the ocean.
In the 35 playable levels, you will find about 100 pollutants including:
  • Everyday life wastes such as fruit peeling, cardboard boxes, plastic bags
  • Heavy fuels, oils,
  • Various gas,
  • Particles,...
Each pollutant will have its card on the web site to learn more about it.
Cleaning will have a cost in terms of money (crystals) and will give money according to the correctness of the weapon used. When Undae is touched by a pollutant, it loses some life and dies when it's out of life.

There are 5 ways to deal with pollutants:
  • Burrow: representing the easiest way to get rid of pollution: burrowing it, throwing it away. Easy and cheap but limited and give few money.
  • Fire or Burn: representing incinerating. It works on a lot of pollutants but can create new (worst) pollutants: toxic gas and micro particles.
  • Filter: representing filtering or collecting the micro particles and oils.
  • Recycle: self-explanatory, it is used on pollutants whose components can be reused.
  • Separator: some pollutants cannot be processed without having been separated first.

IndieGoGo Page for The Adventures of Undae

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