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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Indie multiplayer online TBS March of War launches

UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS – June 28, 2013 – Look alive soldier! Time to head to the frontline and fight for your country. ISOTX, developer and publisher of the award-winning Iron Grip-series today announces that the Pilot episode of the free-to-play episodic online multiplayer strategy game March of War is available now through Steam Early Access and the official website for PC and Mac.

The Pilot episode "World Aflame" sets the stage for the community to start writing their story in the war-torn alternate dieselpunk 1940's world. Initially, the conflict is in its early stages, but it will quickly mature into a rapidly evolving and unpredictable conflict once players have had a chance to start interacting with the dieselpunk game world. Each battle redraws the borders, shifting the balance and changing the world. These elements keep March of War in a constant player driven flux.

With their adoption of a monthly free episodic release model, ISOTX has committed itself to releasing new episodes full of content each month, all of which will be heavily influenced and directed by the community. Players are invited to submit ideas, vote for content and interact with the ISOTX team via the VOTE4WAR page on the official website.

"The Pilot episode is the starting point for the March of War series," says Vincent van Geel, Creative Director at ISOTX. "It is a prologue setting up the story, on top of which we will layer new episodes each month driven by the actions and feedback of our community."

The perfect distribution platform has been found in Steam, with Early Access emphasizing the company's vision of the Pilot episode, which is all about player involvement and feedback.

March of War's first themed episode "Soviet Storm" will be available in the Steam store and other portals on August 1^st 2013, followed by a new episode on every first Thursday of the month. All future episodes will contain all of the previous episodic content and will be totally free.

Mobile versions of March of War for iOS and Android are to follow this summer, elevating the cross-platform experience to a whole new level.

About March of War
Redraw the borders of the 20th century in a worldwide conflict where master strategists rule …

March of War is an episodic free-to-play online strategy game set in an alternate 1940’s conflict, in which players fight for world domination. Six unique factions engage in vividly rendered 3D battles using a rich mix of dieselpunk inspired weapons and war machines. 
March of War key features include
·         Free-to-play online multiplayer turn-based strategy game
·         Fight seamlessly with players from around the globe, across multiple devices: PC / Mac (soon on iOS and Android Tablets)
·         Vividly rendered & animated 3D battles in a dieselpunk influenced 1940s world
·         Battle with or against friends in fierce PvP and co-op game modes
·         Free monthly episodes each with a specific theme
·         Battle tricky AI in fast paced 10 to 15 minute games
·         Player-driven universe and gameplay

For more information, please visit the official March of War website:, Like us on Facebook  and Follow us on Twitter .


PLEASE NOTE: A key element of March of War is the community-driven storyline progression. The Pilot episode will set the stage for players to start creating their own story and will ensure the March of War series is always revolving around player actions.

By launching the Pilot episode on Steam Early Access, ISOTX emphasize the fact that player feedback and involvement is of great value to the development of March of War's player-driven world. August 1st will see the launch of our first themed episode "Soviet Storm" in the Steam store.

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Launch trailer:
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Official website:
VOTE4WAR community page:
Facebook page:
ISOTX is a developer and publisher of high quality war games focused on highly detailed and visually stunning action and strategy games. We release games for PC, Mac and mobile devices – utilizing the strengths of every platform to build games perfectly suited to the technological opportunities available. The company’s portfolio includes games such as the online cross-platform multiplayer turn-based strategy game March of War, the free-to-play turn-based strategy game Iron Grip: Marauders and the classic FPS/Tower Defense game Iron Grip: Warlord. For more information, please visit ISOTX’ company website:

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Friday, 28 June 2013

Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Available Now on Rain

Twain Harte, CA – June 27, 2013 – Rain Digital Games, an online portal for downloadable independent video games, announced today a plethora of updates to its extensive indie catalogue including the highly anticipated Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded that launches today. With Rain’s other new titles, price drops, sales and specials it has never been better to jump in and download some of the best in independent PC games from around the world.

Available now is Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded! From Larry’s original creator, the world-famous game designer Al Lowe has teamed up with Replay Games to bring this amazing, perverted game back to life – updated and expanded in every way imaginable! Download it now at Rain Digital Games for $19.99.

Watch the launch trailer for the loveable loser’s latest adventure HERE.

Additional New Titles
  • MotoGp 13 - $39.99
MotoGP™13 is the official videogame of one of the most famous brands in sports. The game features all the official contents of 2013 Championship: real MotoGP™, Moto2™ and Moto3™ riders, teams, tracks and rules are in the game. Players can complete the new season before it actually occurs: who will be the new world champion?
  • JACK KEANE – Pre-Order $9.99
Jack Keane is an adventure game developed by Deck13 Interactive, published by 10tacle Studios, and digitally distributed by Legacy Interactive. Jack Keane is an adventure game in the spirit of Monkey Island, with references to well-known computer games and classic movies. Players assume the role of a hapless, swashbuckling adventurer and accompany him in his travels across 15 locations throughout London, Cape Town, and Tooth Island.
  • OKNYTT – Coming Soon $9.99
Oknytt, the debut project from Swedish developer Nemoria Entertainment, is a gorgeous point-and-click adventure romp through the deep dark woods of Norse folklore. Oknytt will lead the player through a dark world full of puzzles and flashes of color and light. Watch the game trailer HERE.

New!! Ravaged 4-Player Clan Pack – Only $14.99
  • The Ravaged PC Clan Pack allows players to buy 4 Steam Keys to share or give away.  This is a limited time offer so players should grab them while they can.
Permanent Price Drops
  • Admiral Nemo – now $6.99
  • Afterfall: Insanity – now $9.99
  • Darkout – now $9.99
  • Gas Guzzlers – now $14.99
  • Kairo – now $4.99
  • Manhunter – now $6.99
  • Nuclear Dawn – now $6.99
  • Xotic – now $9.99
For more information about Rain Digital Games, please visit

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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Unity Announces Strategic Collaboration with Microsoft to Extend Free Platform Support for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8; Unveils Xbox One Support for Microsoft Studios’ Development Partners

San Francisco, CA – June 27, 2013 – Unity Technologies, provider of the Unity multi-platform game engine and development tools, has entered into an agreement with Microsoft to collaborate on development tools for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox One.  This collaboration will make it even easier for developers to bring popular games, entertainment and apps to Microsoft platforms.   
Unveiled this morning during Microsoft’s annual Build Conference in San Francisco, Unity will deliver the commercial version for its “Windows Store Add-on”, now included in Unity 4.2 Release Candidate 1, with a commitment to ongoing support and innovation for Microsoft platforms. Under agreement with Microsoft, Unity Pro 4 licensed developers will receive a free license for the “Windows Store Add-on” once available this summer, a $1,500 value. The “Windows Store Add-on” includes support for both Windows Store apps and Windows Phone 8 apps.

In addition, Unity will develop tools for the Xbox One entertainment system, including support for many next-generation features such as enhanced Kinect gestures and recognition, multiplayer matchmaking, SmartGlass and the unlimited power of the cloud. Developers who build games published by Microsoft Studios will have access to Unity tools for Xbox 360 and Xbox One free of charge.
Unity offers a combination of power, efficiency and affordability that has made it one of the most popular game engines and development platforms in the world. The continued collaboration between Unity and Microsoft will make Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem more accessible to nearly 2 million passionate developers in the Unity community.
“Our vision is to democratize game development and provide opportunity for all developers, from individuals to massive teams,” said David Helgason, CEO, Unity Technologies. “Our collaboration will help further these goals by empowering our community to create games across Microsoft’s powerful platforms. Their vision to provide the best outlet for games to be enjoyed parallels our own vision to build the best platform for games to be developed and we’re excited to work with them to shape the future of the industry.”
“Unity has established itself not only as an incredible development toolset and engine, but as a significant force for creative freedom and innovation in the games development community,” said Steven Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President and Chief Evangelist of Microsoft’s Developer & Platform Evangelism organization. “With Unity’s commitment to support Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Xbox One and Xbox 360, Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem will benefit from the wealth of ideas and imagination flowing from the Unity games development community.”
About Unity Technologies
Unity Technologies is the creator of Unity, a flexible and high-performance development platform used to make creative and intelligent interactive 3D and 2D experiences. The "author once, deploy everywhere" capability ensures developers can publish to all of the most popular platforms. Unity Technologies boasts a thriving community of nearly 2 million developers including large publishers, indie studios, students and hobbyists. To remain at the forefront of innovation, Unity Technologies tirelessly re-invests in its award-winning 3D development tools and its democratization initiatives, such as the Asset Store digital content marketplace and Union game distribution service. Unity Technologies is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in Canada, China, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Singapore, Sweden, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit:

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'Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm' IndieGogo Campaign Goes Live!

Nyu Media have announced their latest project: the IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign for an original 2D fighting game,Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm!

What Is Yatagarasu?
Yatagarasu is an original 2D fighting game for PC (Windows) by three former SNK / King of Fighters staff that takes inspiration from Street Fighter III: Third Strike, but incorporates play elements similar to BlazBlue. The game features eight playable characters, high quality old school graphics, and gameplay that genuinely is easily accessible to anyone, but offers depth to veteran fighting game players. It also features a unique dynamic commentary system: voiceover by celebrity fighting game commentators will cheer you on or put you down based on your play and what's happening in the game!

Why an IndieGogo Campaign?
With only three members, the Yatagarasu development team is tiny and very short on development resources. As a result, progress to date onYatagarasu has been slow and the team is unsure they will be able to continue developing the game with this approach. A successful funding campaign will allow the Yatagarasu team to make a leap in progress, complete the game they have always wanted to make, and bring it to gamers worldwide.

At $68,000, Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm's funding target is far lower than previous similar fighting game crowdfunding campaigns. This is because the small team has minimal overheads, and the team and Nyu Media will bear the remaining required to complete and release the game.

What Happens If We Reach Our Goal?
A host of new features and improvements will be added, including:
  • Two new characters (backers are invited to vote on roster of candidate characters to decide which add)
  • New graphics and story rewrites
  • Improved game play, balancing, and online match support
  • MC voiceover by TOUGEKI announcer Koori Masao
  • Full English localization
  • English commentary by famous overseas tournament commentators (to be announced)!
  • A NESiCAxLive arcade version in collaboration with Taito! (presently planned for release in Japan only)
  • Worldwide release of the PC (Windows) version with English and Japanese language options

Backer Rewards and Stretch Goals
Reward tiers for contributors to the campaign include physical copies of the soundtrack, original art by the Yatagarasu / Ibara / Mushihimesama artist Kotani:Tomoyuki, custom controllers, and a trip to the Winter Comic Market event in Tokyo this December to hang out with the Yatagarasu team! Stretch goals include additional new characters, more language localizations, and a limited edition Yatagarasu comic by the creators of the Street Fightercomic series.

Check out the full details on the fundraiser page:

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Jammin' for Change: July 12-14 Game Jam Will Challenge Gender Stereotypes in Gaming

Jammin' for Change: July 12-14 Game Jam Will Challenge Gender Stereotypes in Gaming
150 developers, designers, artists, and students will create games with female protagonists in first ever iamagamer event in Vancouver, B.C.
VANCOUVER, B.C. - June 26, 2013 - iamagamer, a new organization that arranges game jams around social causes, seeks to challenge gender stereotypes in gaming with their inaugural event kicking off July 12 in Vancouver, Canada. This collaborative development marathon will bring together game developers, designers, artists, and students to create video games with female protagonists, from scratch, over a 48-hour period.
To be held at Vancouver's Centre for Digital Media, this unprecedented event will dispute the prevailing opinion that video games are for guys and that games with strong, female lead characters will not sell (as observed in a recent Gamasutra article), sending a message that such stereotypes are not only incorrect, but have a negative impact on the industry.
Since its initial announcement, the event has grown in popularity with several satellite sites around the world and many remote participants signing on, bringing total "jammers" to more than 150 worldwide. The organizers seek to create a fun, collaborative, and energy-filled opportunity for individuals in the video game industry and beyond to come together around a common cause and create something that they believe in.
For more information about iamagamer and the upcoming game jam, please visit:
For more information about the motivations underlying the jam from the founder and organizer, please visit:
For the Gamasutra article referred to above, please visit:
Visuals: More than 150 game designers, digital media artists, gamers and visionaries in one room, working on projects in real time (48 hours isn't very long to develop and complete a project!) passionate about equality in gaming. There will be lots of coffee, food and creative antics from the tired, but enthusiastic, participants. (There may even be participants snoozing.)
Interviews: Dr. Kimberly Voll, iamagamer Founder and Organizer and Senior Faculty, Centre for Digital Media. (Kimberly will additionally be on-site and can facilitate interviews with participants for media.)
When: Starting July 12 at 6 p.m. through July 14 at 6 p.m.
Where: Centre for Digital Media: 685 Great Northern Way

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Novae: An original and imaginative Match-4 Tile Game for iOS

Toulouse, France – Domsware today is pleased to introduce Novae for iOS, its innovative, match-4, tile game played with where tiles “fall” inward, toward the Core, in a clockwise spiral. 

With circular tiles of five different colors, players choose where to drop new tiles one by one. Four or more tiles of the same color, contiguous horizontally and/or vertically, make a match, and the tiles are absorbed while adding to the score. Remaining tiles may fall inward after an absorption. 

Novae derives its name from astrophysics, as the attractions laws recall a phenomenon called “accretion” commonly found in astrophysics. Matches must include one tile to be on an axis and in contact with the Core. Featuring infinite levels of play, the player must restart from the beginning at level 0 after failing any level. 

Feature Highlights: 
* Classic, match-4 action 
* Innovative attraction laws and matching criteria 
* Tiles come in 5 different colors 
* Match 4 or more tiles and they are absorbed, adding to your score 
* Level mechanism and numerous scoring bonus, multipliers and combos 
* Player can see in advance the next tile to be dropped on the board 
* Game Center integration with LeaderBoard and Achievements 
* No in-app purchases 
* Color-blind mode 

Tile matching games are among the most popular puzzle games in the App Store. The eye and mind are drawn to the panoply of small, variously colored tiles in motion, and the goal of creating proximity (usually match-3 or more). Novae takes the classic match concept and creates a fascinating variation. 

First, tiles do not fall down to the bottom of the screen; they are attracted inward, toward the Core in a clockwise spiral until their progression is blocked. There are two attraction laws: 1) tiles are always attracted inward, toward the Core and 2) tiles change position only to get closer to the Core. 

Second, a group of same-coloured tiles is absorbed by the Core when it meets 2 criteria: it contains 4 or more same-coloured tiles and at least one of its tile is on an axis and in contact with the Core. 

When a group is absorbed by the Core, remaining tiles get rearranged by the two laws of attraction, forming a new configuration. When the reconfiguration spontaneously generates a new absorbable group, it in turn is absorbed by the Core, leading to a new reconfiguration. 

Every new or absorbed tile increases an energy gauge. When the gauge reaches full power, the player advances to the next level and all the remaining tiles are eliminated. The player restart at level 0 after failing any level. 

Free from time trial and other pressures, the player is free to enjoy the strategic subtleties of the game. The player can see the current and the next tile available to be dropped, which allows for thoughtful planning. Players usually have a choice of four axis endpoints to drop their tile. 

While a maximum of four different like-colored tile groupings can be made, the game includes tiles of five different colors (RGB and MY). As unmatchable tiles fill the board, the player is challenged to make a match that will bring an unmatchable color to one of the Core squares. 

Language Support: 
* English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Brazilian Portuguese 

Device Requirements: 
* iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, iPod touch (3rd/4th/5th generation), and iPad 
* Requires iOS 6.0 or later 
* 6.7 MB 

Pricing and Availability: 
Novae is $2.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. 

About Domsware Based in Toulouse, France, Domsware is Dominique Vial, M.Sc. & PhD – CS/IT, an independent software developer. 

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Darts Up 3D Trailer

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The Greenlight Supershow

The Greenlight Supershow is a massive 13+ hour online livestream event where over 25 games from Greenlight are showcased, along with their creators. It's going to have special guests, giveaways, sneak peaks, and everything! It will be streaming live on June 29th with the pre show starting at 10:30am EST and ending at midnight!

Here’s a taste of what you’ll see:
  • Tower of Guns,
  • Syder Arcade,
  • McDroid,
  • Ray's the Dead,
  • Paranautical Activity,
  • Forced,
  • Castaway Paradise,
  • Rollers of the Realm,
  • Retrobooster,
  • BroForce,
  • Dukes and Dirigibles,
  • Girls Like Robots,
...and more!

The show is being organized and hosted by indie dev Alix, of Robot Loves Kitty, whose game is already Greenlit. Her goal with this show is to help other small studios to reach and grow their communities, and raise gamers' awareness of indie games and how to help them.

Greenlight Supershow page and schedule:
Greenlight Supershow channel:

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Monday, 24 June 2013

Colonies Online - a new Sci-Fi MMORPG about space colonization

Moscow, Russian Fed. — June 24, 2013 — Iron Bit company is announcing admission of space settlers for exploration and colonization of distant planets. Fit individuals with stable mentality, good tolerance of interstellar travels and ability to work in team are welcome. Extraterrestrial colonization is known to be a safe and fun thing to do. The first settlers are sure to enjoy the vast openness, amiable exotic landscapes, friendly flora and fauna. Do not be confused by the amount of ammunition all expeditions are equipped with – this is done solely to ensure everyone’s comfort and peace of mind. Natural resources abundant in the depths of uncharted planets and vitally important for the people of Earth, are waiting there to be taken. 

Colonies Online trailer: 

Colonies Online is a game world consisting of a great number of planets each with an area of thousands square kilometers. Game objective is to gain a foothold in the developed areas, either making headway single-handedly or creating enclaves with other players. Players united in an enclave can build colonies. Colony is a place where researches are conducted, equipment and resources are stored. Therefore, it is likely to become subject to intense interest of competitors. Overtaking a colony is a great opportunity to weaken the enemy as well as loot trophies. 

The game’s philosophy is expressed in this statement: “Everything in the game is created by players themselves”. All in-game items are made by players through crafting system. In Colonies Online characters do not advance in level but obtain professions as sets of certain skills. The tree of professions and skills is also determined by the player. The game becomes spicier in open PvP mode, with opportunity to arrange battles of up to a hundred players at a time. 

Key features: 
- one universe composed of a great number of planets; 
- game field of a planet is measured in thousands square kilometres; 
- character shooter control top-side view; 
- sophisticated crafting system; 
- free construction on planet surface; 
- flexible system of character skill development; 
- open PvP mode; 
- opportunity to participate in large-scale battles. 

About Iron Bit: 
Iron Bit is a small independent team of game developers founded in 2013. At the moment the team is focused on realization of their first project - Colonies Online. 

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Friday, 21 June 2013

New screenshots from Captain Disaster in Death Has a Million Stomping Boots

Team Disaster has released 20 new screenshots from in-development point-and-click adventure game Captain Disaster in Death Has a Million Stomping Boots.  Click here to see them.

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Pixel art horror game, The Last Door launches chapter 2 today

Spain – June 21th, 2013 - Independent game company The Game Kitchen is excited to release a new chapter for The Last Door, an episodic point­and­click adventure game featuring stylish low-res graphics and a foreboding orchestral soundtrack, for PC, Linux & Mac and other flash­enabled devices. The game was successfully funded on Kickstarter in late 2012, and has now released two full chapters to the public.
The Last Door boasts uniquely exaggerated pixel-art style graphics with an exquisite soundtrack to create a vivid world players can use to immerse themselves in the dark and twisted point-and-click horror-adventure. The spine tingling story unfolds chapter by chapter, allowing players to join in at any time to unravel the harrowing mystery behind The Last Door.
The story follows Jeremiah Devitt, a University professor of Philosophy, who receives a distressing letter from an old childhood friend. Jeremiah returns to the manor of his friend to confirm his suspicions that something terrible has happened. Jeremiah will have to explore the deserted and unnerving mansion, seeking clues to unravel the terrible mystery behind his own past and the fate of those closest to him.

In the latest chapter, Jeremiah visits the boarding school he and his friend attended when they were young. The school has since become a hospital assisting the care of terminally ill patients. As Jeremiah continues his dangerous journey, he begins to suspect that there's more to the hospital than meets the eye, and nothing is what it seems. Can Jeremiah place together his crude memories and discover the horrible secrets of his past?
Key Features:
World: Travel back and explore dark and mysterious Scotland from the 1890’s, investigate ghostly manors and gloomy hospitals to uncover their cryptic secrets. Story: Meet new and intriguing characters and learn their hidden pasts as they try to help or harm Jeremiah along his journey.
Graphics: Investigate and wander through uniquely designed low-res style graphics as Jeremiah uncovers the ominous truth.
Puzzles: Work through various puzzles and brain teasers to progress throughout the story.
Music: A haunting original orchestral soundtrack completes the strange and frightening atmosphere of the game.
A distinguishing feature of The Last Door is it’s unique development philosophy, which plans for all chapters of the game to be free to the public eventually. As a new chapter arrives, it is available exclusively to paying backers for a limited time, as previous chapters are then free to the public. The game and its development process are also designed to take feedback from players. “We loved getting feedback from players and adapting the game based on their suggestions,” states lead developer Mauricio Garcia. “In the previous beta for chapter 2 we allowed people to suggest various objects and dialog, the chosen suggestions were added in the final game, and the people who made the winning suggestions were placed in the credits.”
The Last Door is currently available to the public via the following link: After a two month period of exclusivity to backers, the first chapter is currently free to the public. 
Fans of the game are encouraged to visit the companies Facebook: , Twitter: @horroradventure and YouTube:

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One Finger Death Punch launching June 24th

Silver Dollar Games is proud to announce that One Finger Death Punch is coming to Xbox Live Indie Games on Monday June 24th.  It’ll cost 80 Microsoft points ($1) and feature a full eight minute trial (the maximum allowed by Microsoft).  On Monday a PC version of the game will be posted on Steam Green Light, where you’ll be able to download and play a PC demo of the game.

One Finger Death Punch was the grand prize winner of Microsoft’s 2012 Dream.Build.Play contest.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

AI War 4 Year Anniversary Celebration on Steam

AI War Four Year Anniversary Edition and Vengeance of the Machine Now Available
Franchise Sale celebrates AI War 7.0 launch on SteamGamersGate and the Arcen Store

Arcen Games is excited to announce the launch of AI War 7.0, its latest expansion Vengeance of the Machine, and the new AI War Four Year Anniversary Edition – all available now, and on sale at major discounts across various digital storefronts.

AI War: Vengeance of the Machine adds a host of new features to an immersive indie strategy title already bursting in base game and expansion content. Additions include several new AI types, map styles, bonus ship types, optional AI plots, and much more.

We thought we’d finally outsmarted the AI... we were wrong!

About AI War: Vengeance of the Machine
The AI's gotten kind of upset. Somewhere along the way it decided you puny humans need more interesting ways to lose (or win, if you're one of those people, but who are we to judge). Vengeance of the Machine offers new tools to the player (like Core Turret Controllers) and a new frontal-confrontation victory condition (Showdown Devices), but focuses on enhancing the already-incredible variety of your main opponent: the AI. The possibilities grow exponentially with the addition of the new "Dual Type AI" system (ever wonder what a single AI player would be like with Thief AND Speed-Racer? Find out!), AI Planetary Subcommanders, and Dire Guardians. They say the best stories revolve around an awesome villain, and this expansion takes AI War's villainy to new heights.

Key Features
-  8 new AI types, from the honorable "Chivalric" which refuses to harass your Advanced Factories and other irreplaceables to the bleedingly-hard "Vicious Exotic" which eschews normal waves in favor of hammering you with massive Exogalactic Attacks.
-  2 new Map styles: Wheel and Honeycomb.
-  6 new Bonus Ship Types, from the modular Protector Starship to the hilarious "space dock artillery cannon" Neinzul Railpod.
-  2 new optional AI Plots: Hunter (which brings the AI's Special Forces from strong to nightmarish) and Shark.
-  5 new Core Guard Posts to defend the AI homeworlds.
-  7 new Guardian types to add variety to the AI's heavier units.
-  28 new achievements.
-  More awesome music from Pablo Vega!

Follow AI War on FacebookTwitterRedddit, and IndieDB for the latest updates regarding the game. 

About Arcen Games
Arcen Games entered the PC indie scene in 2009 with their cult classic AI War: Fleet Command, which was named the 40th best-reviewed PC game of the year by MetaCritic. Their second year saw the release of The Zenith Remnant, the first two full expansions for AI War; as well as Tidalis, an innovative block-based puzzle with casual appeal and hardcore depth.

AI War's third and largest expansion Light of the Spire marked Arcen's first release of 2011, with the rest of the company's focus being devoted to their most massive project yet: A Valley Without Wind, which released in 2012. The end of 2012/start of 2013 has been another busy time for the team, with AI War's fourth expansion Ancient Shadows launching, A Valley Without Wind 2 hitting 1.0, and Shattered Haven's releasing as well. The studio just launched its latest title, turn-based strategic god game Skyward Collapse, this past May and now turns its attention to adding new content to both AI War and Skyward Collapse over the coming months.

Originally a one-man shop, Arcen Games has grown to have half a dozen part-time or fulltime contributors to its various titles. The team is also proud to be a platinum sponsor of the Child’s Play charity. For all the latest news, coverage and other musings, visit us on our websiteTwitter and Facebook; as well as Arcen founder Chris Park's Games By Design blog.

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Saturday, 8 June 2013 launch dedicated indie games section

From the official Amazon blog:

"Game development is an art, like any other. It can be personally rewarding, and like other forms of artistic expression, great games can come from anywhere. Powerhouse game studios don’t hold a monopoly on inventiveness or creativity, and some of the best games of all time were created on a shoestring by two or three people with a shared vision.
It’s hard to get noticed, though. If you’re an indie game developer, it’s usually a headache to get your game in front of people, both gamers and reviewers. Amazon recognizes this. As part of our commitment to independently developed games, Amazon is launching the Indie Games Store, a new category on Amazon in the Digital Video Games Store, designed specifically to address this problem.
The Indie Games Store is a dedicated storefront designed to specifically help indie game developers with promoting their PC, Mac, and browser-based games while helping gamers discover a large and growing selection of innovative indie games.
The dedicated indie-specific storefront offers indie developers several programs to increase discoverability and promote their PC, Mac, and browser-based games while helping customers discover a large and growing selection of innovative indie games including “Don’t Starve” by Klei Entertainment, “FTL: Faster than Light” by Subset Games, and “The Bridge” by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild.
To celebrate the launch, we’ll also be offering features and promotions starting today to encourage customers to engage with the indie game scene:
  • Indie Spotlight – The Indie Spotlight puts the focus on developers with Q&A and featured bios to give customers a glimpse of each developer’s style and personality. We’ll feature a different indie developer every week starting today with Gaijin Games.
  • Indie Bundles – Starting today until July 23rd, gamers can get great deals on Indie Bundles and increase their collection. These bundles are made up of 5, 6, or 10 games each, and will cost $9.99, which is a discount of up to 90% off if purchased separately.
  • Gift with Purchase – Starting today until July 17th, customers who purchase any indie title from the Indie Games Store, will receive codes to redeem 3 pre-selected titles for free. The games change daily and each purchase entitles customers to 3 free games, so customers are encouraged to check often.
  • Indie Gamer’s Choice– To help connect gamers and developers, we're introducing the Indie Gamer’s Choice program, where gamers can get involved. The Indie Gamer’s Choice positions two indie games head-to-head and allows players to vote on their favorite title to become the Indie Gamer’s Choice, which is featured in the store.
This is a great time for you to check out the Indie Games Store and participate in prominent merchandising on the new storefront. If you are interested in selling your games on the Indie Games Store, contact Amazon Digital Video Games at ."

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