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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Business simulation game Venture Tales focuses on real world change

Business simulation game, “Venture tales” focuses on real world change and knowledge

A business simulator video game that aims to educate people about the real world of business in a fun way.

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Oct 29th Independent developer, Christian Ibarra has launched a crowdfunding campaign for his upcoming educational business simulation game, Venture Tales. The game allows players to set up their own business, entertaining and informing the player about practical skills that could be used in real life situations within a entrepreneurial environment. More information can currently be viewed on Indiegogo where you can contribute to help finish this ambitious project.
Inspired by games like Democracy 3, Simcity and Game Dev Tycoon, “Venture Tales” aims to entertain and inform players about the real world of business in a fun way. It will be released DRM-free for PC, Mac and Linux.
Players will be able to assign tasks to their employees, what machines or objects they should use, to deliver a desired service or product, in order to satisfy the needs of the population of the in game world. The simulation will react to the player’s choices, and all the other variables that imitate how the real world works, including government laws, world events, the economy, and more.

  • Players will organize their life in the game world, their stress levels, activities, and effectiveness of the business with the help of an in-game schedule and calendar.
  • Contact different kinds of people, consultants, services, distributors, each with their own specialty and skills; negotiate and make deals with them to work together.
  • Create and manage all the inner workings of your business from the inside out using an innovative visual representation that shows all the processes and activities in your business at the same time.
  • Use the world map to analyze various types of data that shows information of the context of where you live and how your businesses influences society.
  • Manage different variables of your business, times of processes, quality of production or service, client satisfaction, finances, legal matters and more.
  • Player will be able to face almost endless possibilities due to the number of variables interacting in the world of the game.
Money raised from the Indiegogo campaign will be used to complete a playable alpha version in about 5 months. Contributors will be able to obtain the pre-alpha version of the game when its out, various digital rewards, or get physical rewards like an exclusive soundtrack cd, boxed edition of the game, and many other things.
For additional information, visit the IndieGoGo Website, Facebook and Twitter.
About Christian Ibarra:
Christian Ibarra has worked on games such as “Zombie Home Run” (Click here to play Zombie Home Run: and “TwitchPack” (Click here to play Twitchpack:, and also an old downloadable game called “Happier than you”. He strives to make entertaining games that also inform and educate the player.

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