Wednesday, 20 November 2013

X-Box and WinPhone Indie Hit 'Square Off' Released on iOS and Android

PERTH, Western Australia – November 21 2013 

It’s dark. You don’t know where or what you are, but there's something strapped to your back; something heavy. 

You catch a whiff of formaldehyde just before the lights go on and a head glides into view. It’s your creator, visionary madman of science, tasked with saving the world. 

‘There you are, my Square Avenger,’ he says, holding up a mirror so you can see yourself; a simple cube with a jet-pack on your back. He smiles his beardy smile, but there’s fear in his eyes when he says, ‘I hope to all hell you’re ready.’ 

So begins the critically acclaimed indie shooter, 'Square Off'. Nominated for Best Game in the 2013 West Australian Screen Awards, Gnomic Studios’ debut title is finally available on iOS and Android. 

'Square Off' was first built for Microsoft's worldwide ‘Dream.Build.Play’ in 2009, winning a spot in the Top 20. Released on Windows Phone in 2011, the game has since achieved 1.4 million downloads and earned a 4.5/5-star rating. Gnomic Studios was also selected to exhibit at one of only twenty tables in the sponsored indie booth at the 2013 Penny Arcade Expo in Melbourne. 

Lead developer Aranda Morrison says the 2.5D comic-arena shooter can now reach a massive new audience on iOS and Android: “We’re still getting over 1000 downloads per day on Windows Phone,” he said, “so it will be fun to see if we can maintain that on the new platforms.” 

“It's also the first time tablet gamers will get to try 'Square Off',” he added, “which is great because the game really shines with the larger screen space.” 

This is in no small part due to the unique artwork of Gnomic Studio’s co-founders, artists Scott Millar and Adam Matera. With seven levels of hand-drawn, unadulterated arcade action, 'Square Off' is packed with exploding aliens, a funky soundtrack and an arsenal of awesome weapons that will test your ambi-thumb dexterity to the limits. And with cross-platform online scoreboards, iOS and Android gamers can compete with each other for bragging rights. 

'Square Off' on iOS is available in two versions. The free version is ad-supported and contains five levels, whereas the paid version ($2.99) lets you play the full seven levels, ad-free. On Android, the full version is unlocked via an in-app purchase. 

If you would like to review 'Square Off', then please get in touch with us, and we will organise a copy for you. Promo codes for iOS reviewers available on request. 

'Square Off' can be found on the following marketplaces: 

About Gnomic Studios 

Gnomic Studios was founded in Perth, Western Australia, in 2009 by developer Aranda Morrison and artists Scott Millar and Adam Matera. They were joined not long after that by audio engineer Jeremy Prestwood, composer Joel Taylor, and quality assurance expert Josh Stewart. For production of the upcoming Square Heroes, team Gnomic were been joined by programmers Elliot Bulmer and Mark Mennell, and marketing creative Michal Napora. 

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