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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Redshirt - the sci-fi-comedy-life-sim is now on sale on steam

Positech Games (Gratuitous Space Battles / Democracy) are pleased to announce that their latest game 'REDSHIRT' is now on general release on steam, and through direct sales for eager space cadets who aspire to a life aboard space station megalodon 9!

Redshirt is a turn-based life-sim set aboard a space station called megalodon 9. The player has the role of a humble transporter accident cleanup technician at the start of the game, and must do whatever it takes, be that career climbing, schmoozing or black-market negotiating to find a way to get off the station in the next 160 days. Why 160 days? I'm afraid that information is classified, but we can show you a trailer that explains your new life aboard megalodon 9:

You can also get more information about the exciting career opportunities IN SPACE! here at the redshirt website.

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