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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Stoic Reveals More Detail on Combat in The Banner Saga

Stoic Reveals More Detail on Combat in The Banner Saga

New tutorial dives into basic combat strategies
December, 5th 2013 – Stoic, an Austin based independent game development company today released more gameplay details for their upcoming single-player game release The Banner Saga.  The “Rough Guide to Combat” tutorial video covers the basics that a beginner needs to consider when preparing for battle and the tactics they need to think about while in the heat of combat.

Highlights of the video include an overview of the hero stats a player should keep an eye on: armor, strength, willpower, exertion and break, as well as a focus on how ‘willpower’ can also be used strategically to boost various actions in combat to take out an enemy. 

The Banner Saga is currently in development and has a confirmed release date of 14/1/14 for PC and Mac.

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