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Friday, 29 November 2013

Funded! - Elliot Quest

Zelda 2-inspired game Elliot Quest has reached its funding goal - plenty of stretch goals to aim for though with 6 days to go!

5000 CAD
Extra story elements, hidden areas, and a new Elliot Quest cover
6000 CAD 
Another sidequest exploring Elliot’s past + More artwork from Luis Zuno and Tim Kelly in the special edition booklet
7500 CAD 
Boss challenge mode (fight your way through every boss for a special reward)
10,000 CAD 
Additional challenge levels, extra bosses, and more music.
15,000 CAD 
We’ll bring Elliot Quest to OUYA faster and add a special procedural generated area of the game that never ends.

20,000 CAD or more 
We’ll explore porting to other consoles, and add additional bonus content and challenge modes.

Check out the Elliot Quest Kickstarter Page.

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