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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Funded! - Thrash Car (cards and dice game)

Thrash Car has achieved it's funding goal.  But the race doesn't stop here... there are stretch goals to aim for:

"20K - We will make the game board dual sided. Not only will you have the two tracks on the basic board we will create a grand championship track to fill the back of the board.

25K - We will take all the various plastic bits of the game: Dice, token stands, action trackers, and lap trackers will all be custom colored and matched to each team. That means each team will have their own color and all their parts will match.

30K - Where the Fast and Famous are limited to the Collector's edition the "Rebellious Teenagers" will only be included in the copies of the game that are created as a result of the funding from this Kickstarter project."

But wait!  There's more...

"More: We have a few more stretch goals designed and planned but we have to have a few enticing secrets for you later.  We CAN tell you that one of them stretch goals will be decided by a backer poll!!!"

6 days to go for the Thrash Car Kickstarter.

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