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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Run, Dino, Run!! (Again...)

Hidden deep within underground sanctuaries, a large number of dinosaurs are able to survive and flourish throughout the ages. However, new threats of doom require those dinos and their future generations to also run for survival and find new homes in which to take refuge. Choose your dino type, put on your running shoes (and your favorite hat), and ESCAPE EXTINCTION!!

Multiplayer is integral to the Dino Run experience, and we intend to fully implement this feature from the ground up in Dino Run 2. As before, players can hang out in various lobbies and chat or show off their latest look, while hunting for the perfect race to join. Players upgrade up their dinos by participating in races, unlocking new multiplayer levels and visual customizations. Most importantly, developers PixelJam intend to make multiplayer platform-agnostic: players on PC can race with OUYA and MAC users in realtime…. and eventually iOS and Android.
Lovely pixel art and multiplayer mayhem - sounds like fun!  Check out the trailer below and the Dino Run 2 Kickstarter page.

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