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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Imagine Nations

Procedurally-generated games seem to be all the rage at the moment... following on from news of Orbis Infinitas and Tiny Trek, we have Imagine Nation.  This one makes a pretty huge claim "A genre defying sandbox game that combines elements from all of your favorite games in a procedurally generated universe." - we'll have to see if it can actually deliver on that.  However a sandbox game incorporating elements of more or less every other game genre sounds interesting.  

Cat Banana Studios are aiming at a big funding total - $200K - and haven't made much of a dent in that yet, but there are 27 days of their fundraiser to go.

Promised game features:

  • Explore a vast procedurally generated universe, from your starting planet to the stars beyond!
  • Research new technologies that help both yourself and various cultures advance through the ages.
  • Go out and build creative and elaborate constructs from duct tape and guano (or whatever else is lying around on the ground).
  • Engineer and pilot a new jet, ship, or even a state of the art spacecraft.
  • Build and run a successful town, growing it to heights beyond just a planet, but into space itself.
  • Fight creatures and find awesome loot in dangerous locations, only to sell it to some sucker in a nearby town.
  • The opportunities are as endless as your imagination.

Check out the Imagine Nation Kickstarter Page for more details.

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