Monday, 25 November 2013

Bedlam - Strategy Card Game

This game is already funded but there are 19 days to go, there might be stretch goals added and anyway the trailer made me smile.  Looks like a cool and very crazy game!

A bonkers strategy card game set in a lunatic world, for 2 - 4 players. Time to put on your Genuine Leather Underpants!
Bedlam is a crazy, frightening place. There are freaky Enemies everywhere, not to mention life’s little Ordeals, like when you Have To Stop Armageddon. To make matters worse, your psychotic opponents are trying to screw you over all the time. And with180+ unique cards in the mix, be assured that every game will play chaotically different from the last.
Bedlam has the hilarity and ‘take that’ of Munchkin, give-and-take sliders akin to Arkham Horror, and the mind-bending damage control of – well, Bedlam! - as well as a bunch of original features and mechanics.

Check out the Kickstarter Page 

Also, do you want to meet the two insane Australians responsible for Bedlam?  Of course you do!  Video below:

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