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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Released! - Conspirocracy

A schoolteacher wakes to find his entire life is missing from public record.  His bank account, his health care, his credit cards are all frozen when the government declares him to be a non-person.  As he takes the steps necessary to pull his life back together, he becomes aware of nefarious forces that have conspired against him.  The truth, it seems, is never pure and rarely simple.

Conspirocracy starts in an exaggerated, highly-bureaucratic re-imagining of Toronto, Canada.  Medical droids serve as gatekeepers between patients and doctors.  The activities of beggars and buskers are regulated and tasked.  Airport security is taken to an more extreme, disconcerting level.  As the player, you will have your work cut out for you finding what you're looking for when the system is stacked heavily against you.

Loosely inspired by Douglas Adams' Bureaucracy (1987), Conspirocracy is a comedy that introduces the player to an eclectic cast of characters in a wide variety of locations as he uncovers the secret of what became of his identity.

Only for Windows, English Language


  • A complete story with a large cast of voiced characters, challenging puzzles and lots to see and do.
  • Unlockable achievements for players who discover the many easter-eggs hidden within.
  • A "stress" management system.  Our hero has a weak heart and too many stressful incidents will elevate his blood pressure with dire consequences.  As you explore, you will need to find ways to relax and keep from losing your temper.
  • Our hero carries a cellphone and a tablet with him wherever he goes.  From any point in the game you can peruse a selection of apps that you have installed.
  • A dynamic hint-system that, if activated, will provide a nudge in the right direction when players get a little stuck.
  • Two different endings (with rumours of a secret third-ending for the dedicated explorer) based on two different perspectives you may have about the events surrounding the loss of your identity.

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