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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Coming soon to Indie Game News...

An interview with Gnome of Kyttaro Games!

Also, whilst you're waiting for that, why not take our poll about how many posts you would prefer to be on the homepage?  I've been changing it about a little recently but not sure what people prefer.

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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Sci-fi action puzzler Droidscape: Basilica released for iOS, has stop-motion animation and experimental "HeadTwister" controls

Sci-Fi Action Puzzle Game Droidscape: Basilica Out Now for iPhone / iPad
Stop-motion animation and revolutionary "HeadTwister" controls set this indie game apart

LONDON - July 30, 2013 - Indie developer Kyttaro Games makes their App Store debut today with Droidscape: Basilica, a carefully crafted action-puzzle game more than a year in the making. This sprawling sci-fi puzzler features 60 challenging levels, clay-modeled characters animated with stop-motion technology, intuitive touch controls, and an optional "HeadTwister" mode that turns the gameplay hands-free. The game can be downloaded worldwide from the App Store:

The year is 4057, and a power-hungry Ecclesiarchy has plunged humanity into a new Dark Ages. One of few remaining Chronomancers dedicated to preserving the secrets of time-travel has been taken hostage on the gargantuan Basilica space station, and if he dies, an already dark world will get a lot darker. Only a small, unarmed droid named Bishop 7 can save him -- and only with your help.

In each of Droidscape: Basilica's 60 two-stage puzzle levels, players use strategy to plot Bishop 7's course around roaming enemy droids to pick up gems, recharge at power stations, unlock doors, and reach the exit. Then, using either simple finger swipes or the revolutionary HeadTwister controls, manipulate time to carefully guide the droid through the course without crossing the enemy's path. As you travel deeper into the massive space station, Droidscape's electropunk sci-fi world comes to life via stop-motion animation, futuristic music and sound effects, and a vast backstory presented in interstitial scenes between levels.

Still in its experimental stages, Kyttaro's HeadTwister technology uses the front-facing camera of newer model iOS devices to replace a flick of the finger with a shake of the head. In this mode, players send Bishop 7 along the plotted course by turning their head right to step forward, or left to step back. The developers plan to refine the technology based on player feedback, with the ultimate goal of developing fully head-controlled games in the future. For those with older devices or who prefer a more tactile experience, the game is also completely touch enabled.

Droidscape: Basilica is a Universal App playable on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It sells for USD $1.99 (or its equivalent in local currency) and is on sale for USD $0.99 during the first week. The game's HeadTwister mode can be experienced on iPad 2 and up, iPhone 4S and up, or iPod touch 5.

Learn more about Droidscape: Basilica at the official website:

About Kyttaro Games
Founded in 2011, Kyttaro Games has until now been best known for its thematic, pay-what-you-want Bundle In A Box indie gaming bundles and the Indie Dev Grant designed to help indie developers create new games. Kyttaro Games approached their debut game, Droidscape: Basilica, like an interactive work of art, collaborating with sculptor/painter Hariton Bekiaris and composer Chris Christodoulou. Learn more at

Droidscape: Basilica Trailer

Droidscape: Basilica Screenshots

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klutzGames Releases Free2Play Shoot-Em-Up Teslapunk for iOS and Android

BERLIN, GERMANY – July 29, 2013 – klutzGames today released their new retro style arcade shoot-em-up “Teslapunk” on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Teslapunk combines astonishing visuals from award winning artist Thorsten Fleisch with action packed and addictive game play. It takes you to a dark retro-future with high-voltage powered vintage machines. As Nikola Tesla you have to defeat Dr. Mabuse who is invading our planet to install an empire of crime. 

Teslapunk comes with two game modes. In arcade you play through different levels, dodging bullets, killing enemies with your laser and occasionally canceling bullets with a feature called Voltage Burst. Canceling bullets raises the multiplier and thus the score. But beware, it also raises the difficulty. Epic boss battles await you. In survival you have to fight endless attack waves, collecting coins and power ups on your way. You can equip and level up your ship to be more effective. 

Teslapunk is free2play and available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch at the App Store and for Android at Google Play. It will also be available for Windows Phone 7.5/8 within a few days. A Facebook Browser and an Ouya Version are currently under development and can be expected in a couple of weeks. 

Apple App Store Link: 
Google Play Store Link: 

More information about Teslapunk, including a trailer and screenshots, can be found here: 

About klutzGames 
klutzGames, an independent video game studio based in Berlin, Germany, was formed in 2011 by Timo Fleisch for the purpose of creating fun and unique cross platform games. 

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Indie Game Review - "Baby Race" (Android)

Designing a game specifically for 1-4 year-olds must be a pretty daunting prospect, but Italian indie dev Fabio Bassan has done a pretty good job with Baby Race.  The game is split into two sections - car customisation and the race itself.  In the first you can change your vehicle type, colour, wheels, decals and suchlike - my little girl (two and a half) probably had more fun with this bit.  I suspect that the older your child gets, the more they will like the race itself.

You get an opponent car, and every so often an icon will appear above them - pressing them will usually help one or the other of you.  They are usually logical (ie a rocket will speed you up) but sometimes the effect appears to be a little random.  If you win, you get a nice congratulations screen and applause.  If you lose... you get exactly the same - you can't actually "lose" as such, so your child is unlikely to get upset with it.  My little one has started to understand the concept of racing, but not particularly winning or losing, so this kind of game concept is just right for her.  She can enjoy it without getting upset if she loses!

With different scenarios and bright, colourful graphics, along with no advertising, this proved to be a game that my little one played with happily for a few minutes and would come back to - which at that age is about as much as you can really expect.  She would probably have enjoyed it more but my Android's screen is small (and cracked - need to get it fixed but that's pretty expensive :-/).

Baby Race is available for Android at the GogglePlay Store, and is also available for iOS devices at iTunes.

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Announcing narrative romance game Everlove -- coming soon to iOS / Android / PC / Mac (will be shown at Casual Connect)

Introducing Everlove, A Narrative Romance Game Coming to iOS and Android in August
Developed by Silicon Sisters, creators of games "by women, for women," Everlove is an interactive guilty pleasure for fans of romance novels
VANCOUVER, B.C. - July 24, 2013 - Female-focused development studio Silicon Sisters Interactive is pulling back the curtain on their next project: Everlove, a casual game designed to appeal to the more than 74 million people who read romance fiction each year. An interactive narrative that plays like a romance novel brought to life, Everlove will release for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android in August with versions for PC and Mac to follow. The studio's co-founder and CEO Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch will show the game for the first time at next week's Casual Connect conference in San Francisco.
In the book industry, romance is a hugely popular genre that yielded sales of $1.438 billion in 2012, according to the Romance Writers of America ( -- more than mystery and sci-fi/fantasy novels combined. Romance readers are 91% women, the majority between ages 30-54. This demographic intersects perfectly with the predominantly female audience of casual games.
"Look at the splash Fifty Shades of Grey made last year. Romance fiction has a huge audience that no one else in the game industry is trying to reach," says Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch. "Video games traditionally explore male fantasies: winning a fight, competing in sports, saving the princess. We at Silicon Sisters love some of those games, as do plenty of other women. But a game that specifically delves into female fantasies -- what is that game like? That's a question we're trying to answer with Everlove."
With a focus on storytelling, character interaction, and lite HOG elements, Everlove puts players in the shoes of a young woman named Rose who has turned to past-life regression to gain insight into her personal problems. Under hypnosis, Rose is transported to the pastoral village of Heart's Home, where she soon discovers that she has chemistry with several of the locals. While building relationships, uncovering carefully guarded secrets, and navigating personal dramas, players define Rose's character and choose her path, with the game's outcome reflecting on the very issues that the modern-day protagonist wants to resolve.
Silicon Sisters' portfolio includes two School 26 games for teen and tween girls, which have had approximately 700k downloads in more than 30 countries. Everlove will be the studio's first game for adult women.
Today Silicon Sisters launched an Everlove Facebook page, where they plan to post more game details and assets leading up to the game's August release:
About Silicon Sisters Interactive
Silicon Sisters Interactive is the first female owned and run video game studio in Canada. Founded and staffed by industry veterans with decades of hands-on experience, the company is committed to developing high quality, inspirational games with a decidedly female focus -- games made by women and girls, for women and girls. For more information, visit the corporate website or Silicon Sisters' Facebook and Twitter pages at

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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Boston Festival of Indie Games - all day event on 14th September 2013 at MIT

"The Boston Festival of Indie Games celebrates independent game development in New England and neighbouring regions. Our goal is creating an inclusive environment for everybody who enjoys and appreciates games in whatever shape or form. The festival seeks to support and showcase the efforts of independent game developers in a free public event, encouraging attendees to participate and play games in different formats: video games, location-based games, tabletop games and live role-playing, amongst others. The games featured are innovative and refreshing, demonstrating both the budding and the established talent of game makers in the American northeast. Produced under the non-profit auspices of Be Epic, a Boston-area live action games production group, the Boston Festival of Indie Games fosters a community of academic and independent developers creating games for the people."
Full Details

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Back the Tridek Kickstarter Today to Earn Special Rewards and Help Fund More Features and Multiplayer Capabilities

Regensburg, Germany -- July 18, 2013 -- With just over 60 hours left in the Kickstarter campaign, dreamfab has issued a last call to action for backers to help fund the addition of extra features, including enhanced multiplayer and cross-platform capabilities, toTridek: Creatures of Galena. A Digital Trading Card (DTC) game, currently with over 10,000 registered players in closed beta testing on PC and Mac, Android and iOS, Tridek will launch first on Android and iOS and then later on PC and Mac. For more information about Tridek: Creatures of Galena and to back the Kickstarter, please visit:

“We’ve been very happy with our closed beta testing thus far, with over 10,000 registered testers currently playing the beta”, said Christian Dickert, Creative Director of dreamfab. “While some version of Tridek will launch with or without Kickstarter funding, we do ask all DTC fans to show their support now and make the Kickstarter campaign a success. Only then will we be able to make our vision of Tridek into a reality and implement all the features that you want and deserve”.

Closed beta invites for iOS and Android will be sent out in the coming weeks, and dreamfab and Bit Barons host livestreams on the Tridek Twitch channel daily:
About Tridek: Creatures of Galena
Tridek: Creatures of Galena is a Digital Trading Card (DTC) game developed for multiple platforms and online gameplay. This gives gamers the ability to experience true cross platform multiplayer matches and tournaments anywhere they are! Also, unlike many other games on the market, Tridek evolves the traditional gaming experience of a Trading Card Game (TCG) by innovating and enhancing the core features that players expect in a card game. Tridek introduces a new resource system that removes the traditional waiting times found in TCGs without compromising the strategic depth. Gamers will be able to play using their own style by building decks to fit their own needs. Welcome to the planet of Galena where powerful creatures under your control compete in the professional sport of Tridek.
About the Bit Barons
The Bit Barons are an independent game development studio from Munich, Germany. Founded in 2009 by Alexander Widl, Sergej Klementinovski and Alexander Zacherl the studio released the colorful puzzle game Astroslugs for iOS, PC and Mac in 2010. After that the team brought the classic card game San Juan to iPad and iPhone in 2011. Currently the Bit Barons are hard at work on their second original title, the Mobile Trading Card Game Tridek. You can learn more about the team and their game on their web site at http:://
About dreamfab GmbH & Co KG.
Based in Regensburg, Germany, dreamfab specializes in the production and publishing of premium casual games. The company’s first award winning iOS titles "Demolition Dash", "Happy Hills" and "Saving Yello" were published in 2011. In 2012 dreamfab released its first Android ports and several new iOS titles like its most successful game, “Chasing Yello”, with more than 10 million downloads to date, followed more recently by "Word Wonders: The Tower of Babel".

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Detective adventure "Face Noir" now available for PC

Noir fans are in for a treat today, as the indie detective adventure Face Noir has just released from A free demo is available from the same site.

Developed by Italian studio Mad Orange and localized into English by Phoenix Online Studios, Face Noir is a point-and-click game with a classic noir storyline, traditional adventure gameplay, atmospheric graphics, and a moody jazz soundtrack. Along with full English localization, today's release includes Italian and Russian subtitles.
With a storyline that would be right at home in a Raymond Chandler novel or Humphrey Bogart film, Face Noir puts players in the well-worn shoes of a private detective falsely accused of murder. To clear his name, Jack Del Nero must go underground in Depression-era New York City, digging into a little girl's mysterious past to figure out why their fates have converged. But as Jack's about to learn the hard way: even in these tough times, destiny won't take a bribe.
A PC download, Face Noir sells for $19.99 from Phoenix Online's store:
Through Sunday July 21, a $24.99 Noir Bundle of indie games is also available, containing Face Noir, puzzler Vampires, and adventure games Reperfection, Shadows of the Vatican, and The Cat Lady:

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Gnomic Studios takes its Square Avengers to PAX AU

PERTH, Western Australia – July 18 2013 – 

GNOMIC STUDIOS touches down in Melbourne this weekend, awarded one of only twenty sponsored indie booths at Australia’s inaugural Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) 2013. 

The Perth-based developers will showcase their comic arena shooter ‘Square Off’ at the sold-out PAX convention. Nominated this month for a WA Screen Award in the ‘Best Game’ category for 2013, the Windows Phone version of ‘Square Off’ has just reached 1 million downloads. 

‘Square Off’ was originally released for Xbox Live Indie Games in 2009, when it was selected as one of Dream.Build.Play’s Top 20 games. It will be exhibited at PAX running on Windows Phone as well as on the recently launched OUYA console, which Gnomic Studios backed via Kickstarter in 2012. 

In addition to exhibiting ‘Square Off’, lead developer Aranda Morrison says Gnomic Studios will unveil a pre-alpha build of the game’s much anticipated follow-up, ‘Square Heroes’. 

“'Square Heroes' will feature online networking capabilities, as requested by 'Square Off' fans, as well as a more compelling narrative and, eventually, several new weapons,” Morrison said. “Expect some surprises.” 

The 34-year-old designer says Gnomic Studios is excited to be participating in PAX, a games convention that started in Washington in 2004 before expanding to other US cities in 2010: “Melbourne is the first city outside of the US to host a PAX convention, and it’s great to be part of that.” 

According to the PAX website, “the shows in Seattle and Boston represent the two largest gaming events in North America, and for the first time PAX is expanding internationally for its inaugural Australian show!” 
Morrison says Gnomic Studios used the crossplatform open-source MonoGame framework for their ports. “MonoGame is a rapidly evolving product and looks set to replace Microsoft’s XNA on future Microsoft platforms,” he said. “Using an open-source framework was a risk, but MonoGame has been amazing. It’s allowed us to reuse our Xbox and Windows Phone code to successfully port to the OUYA console as well as a large range of iOS and Android devices. I’ve joined the MonoGame development team and it’s been nice to contribute some improvements back to the community during the development process.” 

Android and iOS versions of ‘Square Off’ will be released later in 2013, while Gnomic Studios aims to release ‘Square Heroes’ in early 2014. 

For more information, contact Gnomic Studios at , and subscribe to the Gnomic Studios mailing list at 

About Square Off: 

For centuries, humanity has fended off the attacks of a vicious alien species. An Eccentric professor, long since confined to a mental institution, has a diabolical idea! The DNA of a captured alien is embedded into the nucleus of a cell extracted from the professor's own brain! A Squadron of Square Avengers is spawned. Can the professor's hybrid-mutants save the human race from eternal enslavement to a savage master? 

Square Off is a 2.5D Survival Shooter and features a seven-level single-player campaign, including a round-based Survival Mode where you fight off ever-increasing waves of enemies. It features a full musical score and a quirky 2D art style complete with stylised 3D environments and guns! 

About Gnomic Studios: 
Gnomic Studios is a game development team based in Perth, Western Australia. It was founded in early 2009 to develop a game for Microsoft's Dream.Build.Play. competition. The resultant game, Square Off, was ranked 15th overall, coming second in Australia. The Top-20 placing encouraged Gnomic to release Square Off for the Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) platform. 

Gnomic is now working on new Indie titles on various mobile platforms, including the recent successful release of Square Off on Windows Phone. 

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First look at the strategic multiplayer RPG Immortal Empire

Tactic Studios releases Version 1.0, a massive update for Immortal Empire, a, strategic multiplayer RPG

Check out the brand new trailer featuring never before seen gameplay!

Independent game developer Tactic Studios is pleased to release a first look of their story-driven online RPG, Immortal Empire. The immersive game offers a deep and compelling storyline alongside challenging tactical combat. Players can choose from co-op, single player, or versus mode against their friends. Immortal Empire offers the option to compete on a variety of ladder systems in both PvP or PvE.

Players control a party of up to five unique immortals as they set out on a quest through Alvedor in this strategic, multiplayer RPG. Players have the ability to enchant powerful items, customize their hand picked immortals, and make tactical moves to defeat their enemies.

Immortal Empire's unique gameplay is comparable to a cross-breed between X-Com and Dota. Each immortal wields a different set of powerful spells that, when used together, create interesting synergies that demand ultimate skill in tactics to succeed.

This captivating, turn-based gameplay is presented alongside a large, conversation-style storyline arc that has players encountering numerous NPCs; from good, to evil, to humorous. Selecting certain answers during dialog gives unique attributes to the characters and alters the storyline.

The multiplayer component allows drop-in 4 player co-op, each player commanding up to five immortals in a party. Players can choose to work together or combat each other in versus mode. Opponents can choose 1v1 or 2v2 live versus mode to push their strategic skills to the limit. Have no friends? We're sorry to hear that. But don’t worry, our automatic matchmaking system will pair players with others of similar skill level. Players can climb the ladder system, earning a higher rank and proving their worth amongst friends.

The well designed hybrid gaming experience will appeal to fans of both strategy games and story-driven RPGs alike. Features include:

  • Semi-realtime combat system lets co-op partners act simultaneously, keeping gameplay fast, while preserving the tactical elements that turn-based games provide.
  • Over 60 hours of playtime in over 30 engaging quests.
  • Old-school, 8-bit graphics will have anyone swooning with Nostalgia.
  • Gauntlet mode, similar to a 4-player co-op raid.
  • Tournaments with special items and in-game currency as rewards.
  • Over 100 in-game achievements
  • Fully original soundtrack offering beautifully composed orchestral songs.
  • Cross-platform, playable on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Free, as in no cash moneys are required to play.
With over 8 years professional game development experience, including working on BioShock and BioShock 2, Lead Developer Jesse Attard has been focusing on making Immortal Empire the ultimate RPG experience for fans of the genre. “By helping us become visible on Steam, Immortal Empire will be visible to a huge community of gamers, on an excellent, established platform”, states lead developer Jesse Attard. “Multiplayer games are far more entertaining when you can play with your friends, and what better service than Steam to ensure this can happen.”

Immortal Empire is currently playable and can be accessed through multiple portals, including Kongregate and the Tactic Studios website. The game can be played on any Java enabled web-browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.

A trailer has been released in conjunction with the press release. Screenshots and the logo can be downloaded via the press kit. Fans of the game are encouraged to visit the Steam Greenlight page and vote to see it available on the distribution platform. For additional information, visit the Immortal Empire Website, Facebook and Twitter.

About Tactic Studios:
Tactic Studios an independent game studio from Canada that focuses on creating story-driven multiplayer strategy games. Fans of the studio are encouraged to follow their updates on their blog.

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Starbase Gunship Indie Prize and Mac Version

Today Starbase Gunship, the sci-fi defense sim, will be available on the Mac App Store. The iOS version of the game has received an average 4.5 star rating on the App Store and has recently been selected for the Indie Prize Showcase at Casual Connect.

Starbase Gunship places you in the seat of a weapons officer on board a state-of-the-art TAF Gunship as you defend a remote Human outpost from an Alien invasion fleet. With access to laser cannons, missiles, vulcan miniguns and nuclear warheads, you are all that stands in the way of certain doom for thousands.

Now available for the Mac App Store:

Starbase Gunship is also available on the iOS app store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch:

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Announcing Collectems, New Monster-Collecting RPG

Verona, NY -- July 12, 2013 -- Today, indie game studio The Layabouts formally announced Collectems, a monster-collecting RPG. The goal of the project is to combine influences from classic RPGs with modern roguelike elements and a focus on player choice, exploration, atmosphere, and replayability. 

Assuming the role of an adolescent in the relatively isolated Tamota Peninsula, players venture into a land where strange mutant creatures called Collectems have ravaged the natural ecosystem. Taken in as anything from household pets and workplace assistants to biological weapons of mass destruction, they captured the hearts of millions, becoming a full-blown culture-defining phenomenon. A fire at their father’s business, coupled with his mysterious disappearance, leaves the player responsible for a lifetime’s worth of debt. In order to pay back what is owed and rebuild the company, they set out into the world, using the unique capabilities of their Collectems to earn a profit. 

- Explore a variety of interesting locales in the order of your choosing, charting a path across this non-linear landscape. 
- Discover various different Collectem species of multiple types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. 
- Enjoy a randomized experience each playthrough, where the layout of the environments and the location of different species, opponents, & loot are different every time. 
- Battle a team of carefully trained Collectems in strategic turn-based battles, where death is permanent and planning is key. 
- Allow your fallen Collectems to live on by infusing their DNA with those still alive, passing on moves, traits, and abilities. 
- Shape the strategy of your business as you see fit over the course of the adventure, investing money earned from battles to build new Collectem-enhancing facilities. 
- Customizable difficulty options allow you to differentiate individual runs through the game. 

Collectems is being actively developed for PC, Mac, and Linux, with PlayStation Vita also being targeted. No plans for availability, release date, or additional platforms have been finalized at this time. 

Further details about Collectems can be found at the official project website, For any additional inquiry, visit The Layabouts for contact information. 

About The Layabouts 
The Layabouts are an independent video game studio. Approaching the creative process with an enthusiast's perspective and a somewhat irreverent style, The Layabouts focus on producing fun and unique game titles for digital distribution. 

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Play Assault Android Cactus at Pax Australia

Assault Android Cactus Joins the Horize & Frag Labs booth at Pax Australia!

Come play Assault Android Cactus at Pax Australia from Jul 19-21, 2013!

Visit the developers website
Independent game developer Witch Beam is pleased to announce their action/arcade shooter, Assault Android Cactus will be showcased alongside Horize & Frag Labs Laptops this year at Pax Australia. The action packed multiplayer game boasts waves of robotic enemies, a deadly mix of artillery and high intensity score boosting combo chains! The game is currently on Steam Greenlight seeking votes to be released in the Summer of 2013 on Mac, PC and Linux.
From July 19-21st Pax attendees are welcome to stop by the Horize & Frag Labs booth to play Assault Android Cactus before it’s available to the public for purchase. The booth can be found between Half Brick and Binary Mill. The game will be showcased on several brand new Horize & Frag Labs laptops, allowing the public to get a chance to test out the hardware, which has been specifically designed for gaming. The developers of the Assault Android Cactus will also be available for questions regarding the upcoming game.
Check out the latest gameplay video
“We’re thrilled to attend this year’s Pax Australia with the guys from Horize & Frag Labs.” states artist/programmer, Tim Dawson. "Not only will Pax attendees get to play our game before anyone else, but they get to do it on top of the line equipment. We’re excited to show Assault Android Cactus to the public and see what people think!"
Assault Android Cactus is set for a release in the Summer of 2013 on Mac and PC and Linux. A trailer has been released in conjunction with the press release and can be seenhere. Screenshots and the logo can be downloaded via the press kit.Fans of the game are encouraged to visit the Steam Greenlight page and vote to see it available on the distribution portal. For additional information on Assault Android Cactus, visit theirwebsite, or check them out on Facebook and Twitter.
Visit to see their latest gaming machines

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Megabyte Punch will be available from 6th August 2013

Customizable fighting beat em’ up MEGABYTE PUNCH will be available in digital stores August 6th

Reptile Games announces their high intensity robot fighting game will be available August 6th on the Humble Bundle Store

Check out the intense trailer
Independent game developer Reptile Games is thrilled to announce their game,Megabyte Punch will be available to the public on August 6th. Described best as a mash-up of SSB, Megaman and Custom Robo. Megabyte Punch is an electro fighting/beat ‘em up game in which players can build and customize their own player. The game will be sold on the Humble Store for $14.99 (US) or currency equivalent for PC (Windows), Mac and Linux. Megabyte punch was recently recognized as one of “The Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2013” by IndieGameMagazine. The game is also on Steam Greenlight seeking votes to be available on the portal as well.
Megabyte Punch offers a story mode where players battle various creatures to get their parts and upgrade their own fighter; like gun arms for a shoot ability or powerful hips for a devastating pelvic thrust attack. Then, using the abilities of their customized fighter, they can compete in tournaments or battle against other players in a destructible arena.
In the multiplayer battle mode players can fight other players in a destructible arena with the abilities each customized creature gives them. Players can also enter the tournament to win rare new parts for their character. Players will have the opportunity to create their own versus levels with an external image editor and add it into the game for endless destructive fun.
Check out the stylish graphics
Features of the full game:
Chunky stylish graphics. 6 unique electro-worlds with boss fights.
150 parts to collect and endless combinations to customize your character.Pumpin' Electro Soundtrack.
Compete in the tournament for rare parts. Up to 4 player local co-op and versus mode.
The game, developed by a small team of 2 developers, has already received praise from numerous press sites and Youtube Players. “We’re thrilled with the response so far, at this stage we’re just excited to release it to the public and let them enjoy it!” States lead developer Tim Remmers.
“WHAT A TERRIFIC GAME, this game is wonderful!”
- Jesse Cox Omfgcata
“I promise this game is a riot and a half!!”
Josh Mattingly, Indie Statik
"Megabyte Punch has the potential to be a deep platformer and a fun brawler."
- Omejia, Indie Games Channel
Megabyte Punch is set to release on August 6th, 2013 release on PC (Windows), Mac and Linux for $14.99. The game will be sold on the Humble Store and through the developers website.
A trailer has been released in conjunction with the press release.
Fans of the game are encouraged to visit the Steam Greenlight page and vote to see it available on the distribution platform. For additional information, visit their Website,Facebook and Twitter.

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