Monday, 18 November 2013

Midora - nostalgic 2D Action RPG - Funding Campaign Just Started

IndieGoGo campaign just started for this French indie game.  The developers say that their passion for this sort of game has never diminished - and I suspect they'll have quite a number of supported agreeing with them!  Click Here for the fundraiser.  $10 pre-orders the game, among other perks.

"Midora is a colorful world, crafted by an ancient architect with the elements as his tools. For an eternity after this creation, those elements populated the world, fashioning cultures and kingdoms all their own. They contested each other for land and prestige, and when the world was finally overwhelmed by the strife, the architect came back down to seal the elements away, preserving the world for its lesser inhabitants. 

This harmony lasted for centuries, until even the eldest tribes had only vague memories of the conflict and its participants. The town of Seawind will be the first to remember the Inferno in earnest. 

  Enter Snow, the lead character of this adventure. A young girl growing up on the edge of Seawind, she embarks on what starts as just a simple chore, only to uncover the catalyst in a war as old as the world she lives in. On her journey, she'll encounter help and obstacles in various forms. Elderly town matrons, kings, long extinct races, burly blacksmiths, and the living elements themselves will play a role in Midora's newest story, but it falls to Snow herself to see it to the end." 

Midora - Alpha Screenshots:

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