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Saturday, 30 November 2013

We Come in Pieces Launches on iOS App Store

We Come In Pieces Lands in the App Store
Vertical fan-driven level based runner! Aliens are crazy.

Nov 29, 2013 – Pixellent ( is excited to announce We Come in Pieces for the iOS App Store. We Come in Pieces tells the story of Sparky, an alien a long way from home, trapped on Earth. In this vertical runner you must help Sparky find the scattered, missing, pieces of his ship to return him on his journey. Unfortunately Sparky isn't just a name, he's electric, so you'll have to use creative means to move him from place to place. Get it for under a buck on the app store at

Sparky is electric! Touching, swiping, or tapping him would be a very shocking experience, but luckily you've got a plan. Fans. Big ones. REALLY big ones. Blow Sparky upwards from place to place, dodging anything dangerous, in the search for his missing spaceship parts. In this modern twist on the vertical runner you'll help Sparky's first mission a success in the face of failure.
With 50 levels spanning 5 different worlds, dodging dangerous lasers, spikes, and the occasional bird, you'll be electrified by this cute little app. We Come in Pieces features an amazing original soundtrack by Czarina ( and an unlimited amount of free smiles with every purchase. Find it at the App Store at or on the Pixellent Website at
Pixellent is an indie game development team from Melbourne Australia focused on creativity in all its forms. From the art to the code the Pixellent team is dedicated to creating unique experiences and clever characters for all their work. They profess to know nothing of music, however, and have hired on Czarina and RMR Productions to place the final jigsaw piece to their creative puzzle. Find out more about Pixellent at and Czarina at

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