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Friday, 6 December 2013

Rofaxan 2089 AD updated to v1.08

News from indie dev Gary Brafford about his game Rofaxan 2089 AD:

Current List of Major changes:

  • 44Khz Stereo Music- clearing up muddy high tones in the music.
  • Hard core mode
  • Normal mode balancing and improvements
  • Animation fixes for a few sprites (about 12 of them)
  • Health adjustments and adjustments to the damage system for better balance
  • and so much more! So grab it as soon as it posts and get the new version. Whatever you do don't forget to crank the volume :)

We are now on we held 22nd place for indie game of the year for about 2 days and have started to slip but still in the top 300 right now at 229! Pretty damned good for a first commercial release if I say so myself �� After the files are approved you can get the game there for $2.99

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