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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

First Look: MouseCraft

I can't say that I've even scratched the surface of this game yet, having managed to reach Level 19 in the Puzzle Mode, but so far I really like it.  The game features a crazy cat professor, three blind mice, and an experiment to solve puzzles and reach a platform containing cheese (preferably without killing any of the mice, of course) - with other stuff to collect on the way if you're good enough (this is sometimes really tough).  You solve the puzzles by the careful placement of Tetris shapes in the right places at the right times (and the game features several type of blocks as well as different shapes, each with its own attributes and uses...).

I can imagine a lot of you saying "you had me at 'crazy cat professor'".  I think you'll especially like this game if you have fond memories of Lemmings (and come on people, how can you possibly not have fond memories of that game?!); although there are as many differences to Lemmings as there are similarities, the game evoked much the same feeling as Team 17's seminal puzzler did all those years ago on the Atari ST.

Clearly I need to spend a fair amount of time more on this game to give it a proper review - for a start there's a different game mode to check out! - and of course I need to work out how you complete level 19 which has had me stumped for a while - but so far, all the signs are good - very nice graphics, great music, and terrific puzzling gameplay that's unique and nostalgic at the same time.  Every indication so far is that MouseCraft is going to be a huge hit!

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