Monday, 25 November 2013

End of Week Stats - 24th November 2013

  • 255 Followers on Twitter (up 28 from last week)
  • 468 have us in circles on Google+ (up 2 from last week)
  • Total Page Views according to Blogger stats: 355K
  • Weekly visits according to Google Analytics: 317
  • Weekly unique visitors according to Google Analytics: 207
  • Average Time On Site according to Google Analytics: 2m38s

Highest visits and unique visitor figures for quite some time - the best in 2013 anyway, and hopefully will continue to go up.  Bounce rate is down quite significantly, and for the last 3 days under 10%!  Although average time on the site has gone down a bit, not to worry - nothing ever remains truly static!

Once more thanks to anyone who has helped to promote the site in any way, links, shares, retweets etc.  I have a small favour to ask though - it was nice to see the G+ hit 1K, but it would be really nice to see it hit 2K at some point, so if you like the site could you consider hitting the +1 button at the bottom of one or two of the posts here.  Much appreciated! 

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