Sunday, 24 November 2013

Kingdoms Rise released on Steam for Early Access! - Multiplayer Fantasy Combat

Melbourne, Australia -- November 24, 2013 -- Kingdoms Rise has been release on Steam Early Access

Kingdoms Rise is a Multiplayer Fantasy Combat Game featuring novel game mechanics within it’s 360° sword fighting system and it’s magic abilities. 
  • Players can customize to their hearts content with a multitude of choices in armors, swords, magic spells and ranged weapons. 
  • Charge into combat while beautiful fantasy scenery silhouettes the action of battle. 
  • Read your opponent and try to psych them out in tactical blade dueling. 
  • Wield fire, ice and shadows with your magical abilities, fitting tightly in tandem with your swordsmanship. 
  • With deep character customization every fight is unique and every opponent may have a new trick up their sleeve. 
  • Experiment with different combinations and strategies to create a knight with a fighting style unique to you. 

More serious players can form a team with friends and fight in 5v5 Competitive Mode. 
In team games the only limit if your imagination. Your teammates can build themselves into roles like tanks, nukers, supports. Think up new strategies and plays, combine spells in interesting ways and achieve victory! 

Key Features: 

* 360° Melee Sword Fighting System 
* Deep Character Customization 
* Wide Range of Magic spells and abilities to use and combine 
* Create a Party with Friends and fight as a Team 
* Fully customizable character loud-outs and appearance 

The game currently has a 10% discount for launch and can be purchased from the Steam store here; 

About Flyleap Studios? Flyleap Studios is a small Australian indie game dev team. The team consists of only one programmer and one artist. The studio has produced two games before Kingdoms Rise, mobile titles of limited to no commercial success - Little Dragon 3D for Android and Stampede 3D for iOS. 

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