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Friday, 4 March 2016


March 2, 2016 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Playwood Project today launched their Kickstarter for hotly anticipated real-time strategy, WARTILE.

WARTILE is a medieval fantasy themed strategy game that invites the player to select a band of miniature figurines and embark on a campaign or a multiplayer match, set on gorgeous diorama Battle Boards. Figurines, their special abilities and your hand of godly and tactical cards are the tools to rule the board. Wartile captures the tabletop feeling, while adding its own digital style, magic and humor. Tactics weigh heavily in WARTILE, where a unique cooldown system adds the flavor of turn based games and gives you the time to outsmart, trap or even use Godly powers on your enemy.

"We've been hard at work for the last two years, and now, we feel ready to reveal to the world WARTILE!  We're now looking towards Kickstarter to help secure the required funds we need to progress with the development of WARTILE." said Michael Rud Jakobsen, Creative Director at Playwood Project.  "We've released a tentative pre-alpha tease on Steam for you to play and familiarise yourself with our miniature universe and hope that you love it as much as we do.  We really look forward to hearing what you think in our campaign comments.  It's only with YOUR help that we can makeWARTILE a bigger and better game."

Game features

•Beautifully crafted diorama Battle Boards, with a true tabletop feel
•Take control of miniature figurines with an attitude
•Assemble your deck of Godly and Tactical Cards
•A new take on strategy – a cooldown system provides a refreshing take on the real-time strategy genre
•Customize your units with weapons, armor & new abilities found throughout the game
•Expand your collection of figurines & widen your palette of possibilities
•Venture into the first Viking Campaign that's rich in mythology, story and lore
•Play against friends in quest oriented multiplayer matches or go full competitive

About Playwood Games

Playwood Project ApS was founded 2014 by Michael Rud Jakobsen, bringing with him 7 years of experience as Lead Game Designer/Game Designer on the upcoming HITMAN game, and, as artist on Kane and Lynch 2. The core of the team’s made up of Michael and Programmer Jens-Emil V. Kristensen and are supported by some really talented and experienced freelance developers. Simon Holm List is a veteran composer and sound designer with experience from Heroes & Generals, Gameglobe, several Hitman games and Kane & Lynch 2. Lead Animator Chris Ebelin has experience from the movie and games industry, including LEGO the Movie, Legend of the Guardians and Infinity Crisis. The last members of the team are 3D Artist Kaushik Saha, Technical Artist Lulian Drug and Concept Artist Chris Whelan.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Screencheat Launches on PS4, XB1

Developer Samurai Punk and indie label Surprise Attack Games today announced that Screencheat, the chaotic party split-screen FPS where everyone is invisible, launches today for PlayStation4 and Xbox One.
Inspired by classic split-screen shooters such as Goldeneye and Halo, Screencheat takes the infamous practice of screencheating (Screencheat - verb: to look at your opponents' screens. See also screen peeking, screen looking) and turns this into the primary mechanic. Since all players are invisible, you must watch your opponents' screens to figure out where they are.

Screencheat supports up to eight players via both local* and online play. Online matches look just like local matches (you still see all the screens) and feature any combination of local and online players.

Screencheat's off-the-wall arsenal of one-hit kill weapons include a hobby horse, a car engine that shoots bouncing plasma balls and a teddy bear loaded with explosives. Maps are designed with simplified visuals, colour-coded areas and numerous landmarks to enable rapid locating of opponents.
Originally launched on PC in October 2014, the wait has been worth it for console gamers, as the PlayStation4 and Xbox One versions weigh in at more than double the size of the original release. Key features of the console release include:
  • Up to eight player splitscreen.
  • Local and online multiplayer with any mix of local and online players.
  • AI bots - play solo vs AI or fill empty slots in multiplayer games.
  • Nine modes for all vs. all, eight modes for teams and a time trial mode for those with no friends.
  • 11 diverse maps optimised for screencheating using colour-coded areas and landmark objects.
  • An arsenal of ten one-hit kill weapons from the dependable Blunderbuss to the geometry-penetrating Wall Hacker.
  • A ridiculously granular level of customisation options. Create and save your own crazy game modes.
  • Earn XP to level up and unlock ragdolls, mutators and weapon skins.

* Note - PlayStation4 supports 2-4 local players and 2-8 online players. Xbox One supports 2-8 players locally and online.

Friday, 26 February 2016

"Wondershot" now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

PARIS, FRANCE – February 26, 2016 – French indie game developer Leikir Studio announced today that Wondershot is available now for Xbox One via [email protected], PlayStation®4 and PC via Steam. Featuring intuitive controls, multiple unique modes, four different weapons and multiplayer for up to four players, Wondershot guarantees a fun time for all! 

“Our aim in developing Wondershot was to create a great multiplayer game that everyone can truly enjoy and I believe we achieved that,” said Aurelien Loos, co-founder of Leikir Studio. “My best gaming memories were playing competitive video games against buddies on the couch and our hope is that we bring that type of fun experience to gamers today with Wondershot.” 

Wondershot Key Features Include:

·         Multiplayer Fun: Whether it’s intense competitive four-player matches or cooperative play against an endless wave of baddies, Wondershot is all about multiplayer fun
·         Intuitive Controls: Responsive controls and play mechanics enable gamers to focus on the multiplayer mayhem
·         Choose Your Weapon Wisely: Players choose from four different weapons, each with their own strengths and special abilities:
o   Arrow: Select from basic slow homing arrow or lightning-fast straight shot
o   Boomerang: Quick-firing weapon with special “hover” ability use for strategic sneakiness
o   Hammer: Powerful melee weapon with the special ability to fly through obstacles
o   Slingshot: Use the wall bounce ability to shoot big, slow, small or fast bullets
·         Unique Maps and Obstacles: Players must deal with shifting obstacles, mud that slows down movement, quick map portals, and much more
·         Challenge Mode: Learn the basic, master advanced tactics, and challenge each of the 45 challenge stages to get the top ranking

Winner of multiple indie awards including Indie Prize’s Best Multiplayer Game 2016, Wondershot is a top-down, multiplayer focused game with a strong emphasis on family-friendly party play. Players will take control of different characters in intense “one shot and you’re down” rounds in different map environments. Learn to use the bow, boomerang, hammer, and slingshot to master the special abilities of each weapon. 

Wondershot also encourages cooperative play as gamers can join together to take on waves of wicked enemies in environments that constantly change. Simple controls, quick pace of play, and surprising intensity make Wondershot an amazing multiplayer experience for all ages. 

Wondershot will be available for PlayStation®4, Xbox One via the [email protected] self-publishing program and PC on Steam. For more on Leikir Studio and Wondershot follow them on Twitter, “Like” the game on Facebook and visit the official website.
# # #
Based near to Paris, France, Leikir Studio is a young independent video game developer with a focus on fun and unique game design. The studio’s first game, Isbarah, combines fun platforming, bullet hell action, and constant, insane boss fights in 2D. Wondershot, a multiplayer party game made to be played with couch buddies, is the studio’s debut title for video game consoles. 

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Puzzle the Picture: Free multiplayer puzzle game

If you like jigsaw puzzles and have a competitive nature, this could be for you...

Puzzle the Picture is a free fun and addictive iPhone multiplayer game. The goal is to put together an image from a stack of tiles in the shortest amount of time. You can challenge your friends, play against random opponents, or play in single-player mode.

If you love jigsaw puzzles and can't get enough of them, then give this app a try. A simple game at first, this app brings the world of puzzle fixing and completion to your device.

Play with random participants or friends you get to choose.

- Invite users through Facebook and Email; or find a random user to play with.
- There is also a single player mode
- Be the fastest puzzler and get recognized in the leaderboard.

Three levels of difficulty - Easy, Medium, and Hard.

- You choose the challenge, Puzzle the Picture will serve it up.
- ‘Hints’ can help you in solving.
- Skip the puzzle, if you find it really difficult.

Offers up a variety of images

- Just about any type of image you can think of.
- There are over 20 categories of images, each containing 50 images.
- With so many images to work on, you will never be able to put the app down.

With an easy to use interface and fairly straightforward operations, this game can get addicting, fast. Check out Puzzle the Picture and see if you can meet whatever challenge you put forth on your friends, fellow puzzle fixers or just yourself.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Available from iTunes.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Epistory Arrives on PC March 30

Mons, Belgium - Feb. 24, 2016 - Epistory's atmospheric adventure will come to Windows, Mac and Linux on March 30, 2016 when Fishing Cactus releases the game onto Steam. 

Inspired by origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, Epistory's narrative-driven gameplay begins in a blank paper-white world.  Players assumes the role of a narrator, telling the story of a young girl riding a majestic fox. As the heroine explores the world around her, more of the map opens up, literally unfolding into a magical land tinged with darkness. 

The aesthetic approach to presentation earned Epistory an IGF honorable mention for Excellence in Visual Art as well as the Innovation Award at the Belgian Game Awards.

Every action the player takes, from controlling the heroine to navigating menus, is completed through intuitive keyboard controls. Foes are vanquished and puzzles are solved by typing a word, or string of words, associated with them. As the game progresses new mechanics are introduced such as entering words in a specific order or at certain speeds.

Spells provide the heroine with the ability to access areas of the world which would otherwise be inaccessible and can be used in combat, giving an edge in particularly difficult fights. Fire spells burns away the next word needed to type for a foe. Ice spells freeze enemies in their place.

Epistory has two game modes. The core of the game, Story Mode, allows players to explore the expanding world with the heroine and her fox. Arena mode provides competitive players a way to compete for the top score on the leaderboards by testing their talents against an endless onslaught of enemies.

"Epistory's beautiful origami inspired aesthetic and innovative approach to controls makes it stand out," says Bruno Urbain, CEO, Fishing Cactus. "but the moving metastory and dramatic conclusion will make Epistory one of 2016's hits."

Epistory is currently available in early access on Steam for $12.99 USD.  The first half of the game is playable with the second half coming at launch.

More information about Epistory can be found at

About Fishing Cactus
Fishing Cactus is an indie developer composed of 30 individuals. Based in Belgium, the company's name is to signify their originality and ability to thrive it in a nation without many game development studios.
To learn more about Fishing Cactus please visit

Monday, 22 February 2016

Dominus update

MMORTS Dominus just got a massive update.  New forums, updated UI, user profiles, better game results, pro only games. No more having to create a new account in each game you play.  Check it out at:

Sign up for a game before it starts then you'll get an email when your castle is ready - rule the world from the comfort of your web browser!!

Friday, 12 February 2016


Independent video game developer and publisher, Psyonix, is pleased to announce that the sports-action hit, Rocket League, will be available for digital download on Xbox One today via the ID(at)Xbox self-publishing program Wednesday, February 17.

Fully optimized for Microsoft’s all-in-one system, Rocket League offers the same excellent content, upgrades, and features found in the PlayStation®4 and Steam versions, but comes jam-packed with exclusives and bonuses from new cars to antennas, wheels, and rocket trails.

One of the most critically-acclaimed games of 2015, Rocket League was one of the best-selling games of last year and boasts a community that is already more than 11 million players strong. Available digitally on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system via PlayStation™Network and on Windows PC via Steam, Rocket League brings gamers a high-powered hybrid of arcade-style soccer and vehicular mayhem.

To learn more about Rocket League, please visit, "Like" it on Facebook, and follow it on Twitter (at)RocketLeague for all the latest developer updates and news.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Screencheat XB1, PS4 Release Date

Details: Developer Samurai Punk and indie label Surprise Attack Games today announced that Screencheat, the chaotic party split-screen FPS where everyone is invisible, will release on PlayStation4 and Xbox One on Tuesday March 1st, 2016.
Screencheat is the ridiculous split-screen shooter where everyone is invisible so you have to "screencheat" (Screencheat - verb: to look at your opponent's screens. "Stop screencheating you cheater!"). Supporting local and online play for 2-8 players, Screencheat's off-the-wall arsenal of one-hit kill weapons include a hobby horse, a car engine that shoots bouncing plasma balls and a teddy bear loaded with explosives.

Originally launched in October 2014, the wait will be worth it for console gamers, as the PlayStation4 and Xbox One versions will launch with the avalanche of content developed over the last year including eight player support, AI Bots, 6 new maps, 2 new weapons and new modes including team variants. Samurai Punk have also added a ridiculously granular level of customisation options which allow players to create and save their own crazy game modes. Players are able to progress and level up through playing to unlock ragdolls, mutators and weapon skins.
  • Screencheat launching on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 1st
  • Ridiculous split screen shooter where everyone is invisible
  • Local and online multiplayer
  • Huge amount of content added since original PC release
  • Developed by Samurai Punk and published by Surprise Attack Games

About Samurai Punk
Samurai Punk is a small Melbourne-based independent game developer that creates games with love and care for people who want to play them.

About Surprise Attack Games
Surprise Attack Games is an independent games label focused on partnering with independent game developers to provide marketing, distribution, and strategic assistance in taking their games to global audiences on any and all game platforms.
Launched in July 2013, Surprise Attack Games is part of Surprise Attack Pty Ltd. Its sister company, Surprise Attack Consulting is a games-specialist marketing and PR agency working primarily for games and game-related companies wanting on the ground expertise in the Australian and New Zealand markets.


Thursday, 4 February 2016

Genesis - Open world, Survival, Fps, Sandbox game

Blindshot Interactive are a small team making an indie survival multiplayer open world sandbox game for PC in Unreal Engine 4. They've just released a new trailer:

“Genesis is a place to explore searching for the next big thing while trying to stay alive and safe, a place for creativity and playfulness, you can take the role of an aggressive solo player and ferociously hunt down animals and other players or you can hide in the mountains and set up a farming community with your friends.”

From the trailer it looks like they're creating a beautifully detailed game world, looks like it will be a lot of fun to explore.  Hopefully the game mechanics will allow for a similarly detailed level of gameplay.  Check out more Genesis details at the links below:
  • Devblog
  • Indiegogo Campaign
  • Greenlight Campaign

Monday, 1 February 2016

Spellweaver Launches on Steam!

Feb 1st, 2016 - Spellweaver (, the free to play collectible card game, is now available on Steam at Dream Reactor, the developers of Spellweaver, have put together an elegant card game that blends common elements in modern card games into an incredibly deep strategy game. With over a dozen features that make it truly unique and over 200 cards with stunning artwork, this indie Bulgarian studio is ready to take on the industry giants.

The unique features that set Spellweaver apart from other games are as follows:

  • Hero Skills - 18 different heroes are available, each with their own unique ability. Additionally, each hero can equip 2 additional skills during play, allowing the creation of thousands of different hero combinations.
  • 6 Aspects (Colors) To Mix - Freely mix your hero’s aspect with the 5 others for a wide variety of deck combinations. Elves with undead, wizards and priests, the possibilities are nearly endless.
  • Creature Speed - Creatures are comprised of 3 attack stats instead of just two. Health and Damage, as you’d find in most other games, but also Speed.Creatures with higher speed can not be blocked by creatures with lower speed, but as a result tend to have weaker stats or higher costs. It is important for a competitive deck to have a solution to both high and low speed enemies!
  • Support Line - Combat in Spellweaver primarily takes place on the front line of the playing field. However, each player has a support line in front of them as well. The support line creatures cannot attack without a special ability, but are also immune to creatures attacking them. Dealing with dangers on the support line is another important principle for competitive play!
  • World Map & Quests - Spellweaver is a free to play game with a generous supply of daily quests and rewards to earn. The team strongly believes in allowing a dedicated player the opportunity to earn enough money and cards to create any competitive deck they want. Payment may get you there faster, but with plenty of AI enemies and friendly matches to play, there’s no shortage of ways to earn your deck the hard way.
  • Built in Tournaments - With multiple different tournament styles, each with their own unique sets of challenges, there’s no end to the challenges and triumphs you can experience. Some tournaments are free, others require tickets, which can be earned via quests or purchased. Fame, glory, and cosmetic upgrades await the victors!

Find out more about Spellweaver at or download it immediately on Steam at

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Action/Strategy Hybrid Releasing Q1 2016

Gamers Choose Real-Time Strategy or Turn-Based Gameplay Before Each PvP Match
SYDNEY- Aug. 18, 2015 - The newest addition to Blowfish Studios' Siegecraft franchise will deliver intense cross-platform combat with Siegecraft Commander. This action-strategy hybrid will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Windows and Nvidia SHIELD in Q1 2016. 

The core of Siegecraft Commander is the groundbreaking PvP combat system that will deliver fast-paced real-time strategy action or tactical turn-based gameplay. Multiplayer allows the host to select a game mode before each match, while single-player focuses entirely on turn based gameplay. Siegecraft Commander will offer cross-platform support, allowing Windows and Xbox One gamers to face off against each other.

The objective of each battle is to destroy the opponent's keep. To reach an enemy's keep, players must launch what is essentially the seed of a new structure, which will sprout into a new building upon landing and erect a wall connecting the new tower to the building that launched it. Each structure boasts its own capabilities, such as constructing other specific buildings, or spawning particular units. 

Players can decide to either quickly attack an opponent's base, adopt a more defensive strategy by fortifying their own headquarters or maintain a balance of offense and defence. Strategies will be influenced by which of the two sides in the conflict players select. Both factions will be familiar to fans of the Siegecraft franchise: the defence-heavy knights, and the offense-focused Lizardmen, each with their own set of buildings and units.

Gamers attending this year's Tokyo Game Show will have the opportunity to play Siegecraft Commander prior to launch in Hall 9-A booth 52.

The previous Siegecraft games: the action-strategy entry Siegecraft and the tower defense title Siegecraft Defender, have more than one and half million downloads. 

"With every Siegecraft title, we are focused on bringing something distinct to the strategy genre. With Siegecraft Commander we set out to create an action-strategy hybrid with intuitive gameplay, cross-platform support, and above all, competitive multiplayer combat," said Benjamin Lee, CEO, Blowfish Studios.

Additional information about Siegecraft Commander can be found at:

About Blowfish Studios
Blowfish Studios is a Sydney-based Australian indie developer. The team strives to develop original multiplatform games with diverse feature sets that appeal to a broad audience, and to have fun in the process!

To learn more about Blowfish Studios please visit

Monday, 10 August 2015

Wanderlust Adventures to be released on August 13th, 2015

AUGUST 13th, 2015: Today, Yeti Trunk debuts its second title on Steam, "Wanderlust Adventures." "Wanderlust Adventures" is an online, free-roaming, open world, action adventure RPG. Join fellow heroes online, explore vast and deadly landscapes, and capture companions to aid you in your quest. Forge powerful items, salvage artifacts, and crush the souls of menacing foes!

"Wanderlust Adventures has been a true labor of love for the team. We have worked tirelessly to produce an immersive world for everyone to enjoy," says Jason Gordy of Yeti Trunk.

Yeti Trunk is a small, independent game studio intent on pushing the boundaries of what gamers expect from small development teams. Newly-formed in 2012 - and best known for the online action RPG "Wanderlust: Rebirth" - "Wanderlust Adventures" is their fourth published video game. For more information, please visit

Friday, 31 July 2015

Vortex - local multiplayer bullet hell

"Vortex is a retro styled physics driven local multiplayer top down shooter where the goal is to fly around in neat looking spaceships and kill your opponents by making their lives miserable."

This game is local multiplayer only with split-screen graphics, so bear that in mind before you buy the game.  I'm sure there are still people out there who enjoy the local multiplayer experience! - but be aware that currently there is no single-player or online multiplayer mode.  Check it out on Steam.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Unity 5.1 Brings Unified Development Experience for VR platforms amongst other new features

Unity Technologies today announced that Unity 5.1 is now available to download. Extending Unity 5’s power, efficiency and multiplatform support: Unity 5.1 builds on two key Unity 5 strengths: industry-leading multiplatform support, and unmatched efficiency boosted in the cloud. Amongst other things, it brings a new unified development experience for VR platforms like Oculus Rift and an easy to use Unity Multiplayer networking solution.

Unity 5.1 brings a highly optimized rendering pipeline for VR and AR devices. Native Oculus Rift deployment is now available, and full native support for further platforms, including Microsoft Hololens and Gear VR will be added in the near future.

The first phase of Unity’s plan to make it significantly easier to make multiplayer games across a host of platforms is now a reality. Thanks to new APIs, all Unity developers can get deep access to the features they want, as well as a more automated solution that’s easy to use. Additionally, the Unity Multiplayer Service, including our Matchmaker and Relay Servers, is currently in preview.

To take a closer look at the Unity 5.1 blog post please visit:

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Gardens of Gonzo: Old-school 2D Indie MMORPG with Sandbox and Content Uploader

It might sound like a spin-off from The Muppets Show (Gonzo was always one of my favourite characters as a kid :-D) - but in fact Gardens of Gonzo is an old-school 2D MMORPG.  It's being developed by an indie game developer in Germany.

He describes the game thus:

"Gardens of Gonzo is a classic free-to-play MMORPG that picks up the nostalgic and carefree spirit of Zelda and Ultima Online and combines them with a powerful player-driven sandbox to a whole new MMO experience."

The game features classic MMORPG mechanisms like resource gathering, crafting, character development along with a fresh and responsive combat system (NO target-lock-on-and-ability-button-pressing, BUT pixel-exact hit collision; you hit what you hit).

It also gives the power into the hands of players to build their own worlds that other players can visit and to bring in own content and quests for other players to play. This allows for potentially endless excitement, as every player's mind bears different crazes.

The graphic is made of timeless 2D pixel-art, combined with modern shaders, lights, beautiful clouds and other effects."

Game features:
  • Free-to-Play & Premium; no pay-to-win!
  • Oldschool, Engine-Enhanced 2D Graphics
  • Fast and Responsive Real-Time Combat
  • Resource Gathering, Item Crafting
  • Supporting Player Creativity: Build Your Own Home, Your Own Worlds Even!
  • Constantly evolving. New features added regularly.

Check it out at

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Soccertron -- A local multiplayer sports game with a neon touch

Spain, Tomares -- Mar 10, 2015 -- Practice soccer and other sports the way they are meant to be played: sitting on a couch with your friends!

Soccertron is a local multiplayer sports game with a simple premise: Kick the ball or your friends to win the match! Play across 5 different game fields resembling some typical ball games: soccer, basketball and volleyball. But beware! There's no referee around and everything is allowed, even the most treacherous actions!

"I wanted to bring back the feeling of playing 'offline' with friends, like those times where we played all together on a single keyboard. But with gamepads. Because there's no need to be masochist" Said David, the game developer. He also stated that "[...] although the game is only local multiplayer right now, depending on the demand I will try to make it also online. But there's no rush, as your couch is the best matchmaking server that you'll find..."

Game Features:
* Fast and frenetic action for up to four players.
* Five different game fields ranging from easy to infuriatingly hard.
* Competitive bots capable of multiple roles: defense, attack and all around.
* Online multiplayer planned.

Soccertron will be released on March 12th on Steam and will be available for Windows, OSX and SteamOS/Linux:

ABOUT Erosa Games
Soccertron was developed by David Erosa, a one man studio working under the name 'Erosa Games'. He likes to participate on game jams, spending time with his family and co-driving a local game development community.