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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Get ready to flip those phones!

In Flippin' Phones, you flip phones.  (Seriously?   Bet you didn't guess!)

A terrible disaster is about to happen and you're the only one who can warn humanity. They ignore you though, because they're all too busy checking in their +1s and subscribing to their tweets.

Your only choice is to relieve them of the terrible stress of tweeting all their food before it's even digested, and make them aware of the dangers they're facing.

Run through the mall, evacuate phone-relieved people to the safe haven that is your cardboard box, and dodge the ignorant cops who are probably only attempting to stop you because they're in on it.

This game is the result of a 48-hour game jam plus a bit of extra work, and is available on a Pay What You Want, If You Want basis from

(Available for Windows PC right now, other versions may follow.)

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