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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Lifeless Planet - release date confirmed

Lace Games and Stage 2 Studios are pleased to announce that the release date for the hugely anticipated and critically acclaimed indie PC game 'LIFELESS PLANET' has been confirmed as 6th June 2014.

Developed almost single handidly by Alaskan based David Board (Stage 2 Studios), 'LIFELESS PLANET' is a third-person action-adventure game that puts the player in the moon-boots of an astronaut on a one-way mission to a life-bearing planet far outside our solar system.  But after a rough landing, the promise of a new Earth soon fades with the discovery that the planet he was to explore is now barren and inhospitable. The adventure truly begins when he discovers he is not the first human visitor to this mysterious world!

"When I first set-off down this path some two and a half years ago, little did I know just how much of my life would be dominated by this labour of love.  Clearly, those long, dark, cold Alaskan winter nights have helped keep me focused!  More than anything else, I am absolutely thrilled that the gaming world will at last get to enjoy the game that is 'LIFELESS PLANET"!

"Two and a half years ago, Lace Games bought in to David's vision" commented Adam Lacey, CEO of Lace Games.  "Our belief in David and his ability to deliver on that vision has been totally justified and we are looking forward to the game being made available to the game playing public".

'LIFELESS PLANET' will be available to purchase from Steam and all other leading digital retailers from 6th June 2014.  The game will feature English text and voice overs along with full text and subtitled localisation into German, Russian, French and Spanish languages.

Selected UK retailers will also be stocking physical copies in stores on the 6th June 2014 with further releases to follow throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Previous posts about Lifeless Planet:

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Bestselling 1999 Game "Riddle of the Sphinx" Reboots on Kickstarter

Moselle (Saint Louis), MO -- Apr 29, 2014 / ( -- Fan-loved Epic Adventure Game "Riddle of the Sphinx" is rebuilt in Real-Time 3D, showcasing one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

LifeTree Games, creators of the best-selling Egyptian adventure, "Riddle of the Sphinx", have turned to Kickstarter to announce the launch of the exclusive 15th anniversary edition of their 1999 hit classic, now featuring real-time 3D rendering.

Described as a popular mystery-adventure game, "Riddle of the Sphinx" is set within and around the ancient Egyptian monuments. Backed by extensive detailed research and painstaking recreation of the existing Giza Plateau, Great Sphinx, and Great Pyramid - one of the existing Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - major levels of the game involve exploring real-life archaeological finds, then taking those discoveries to the next level.

Players are tasked with unraveling a series of mysteries surrounding the disappearance of an ancient cursed scroll, which claimed the life of famous archeologist Sir Gil Blythe. The storyline takes players through life-like 3D environments, including hidden corridors, ancient tombs, and secret chambers. By the end of the game, players will become fully immersed Egypt's enigmatic landscape.

"This 15th anniversary edition in real-time 3d is breathtaking, with discoveries around every corner, for every player age group. With its family friendly story, intellectual puzzles, and non-violent exploration of its beautiful environments, this is a great educational game for children and parents."

- Jeff Tobler, co-developer of Riddle of the Sphinx.

Husband and wife team, Jeff and Karen Tobler, originally released Riddle of the Sphinx in 1999 after 6 years of research and development. Quickly becoming a hit, the game was adopted as a mainstay of the mystery-adventure category. The team, now joined by their two sons, has turned to Kickstarter to reboot the franchise and utilize newly available 3D technology to enhance the game play.

"One aspect of Riddle of the Sphinx that intrigued me was the age-range of players who were impacted. After the initial release in 1999, we expected younger gamers. But it surprised us that parents were playing with their children, older house-bound players could 'escape' through the game and even long-distance engaged couples played over the phone."

"It was really encouraging that Riddle of the Sphinx was the tool for people to share time with each other and create lasting memories. We are excited to see new relationships forged and more memories made with the new version,"

- Karen Tobler, Co-Creator of Riddle of the Sphinx. 

LifeTree Games is offering unique Kickstarter pledge rewards to backers of the 15th anniversary edition including backers having their art immortalized within Riddle of the Sphinx.

For more information visit or the Kickstarter campaign.

About LifeTree Games

LifeTree Games (formerly Omni Creative Group, Int'l) was started in 1991 by husband-wife team, Jeff and Karen Tobler. In 1994, they began work on Riddle of the Sphinx, a project that started as a means to virtually explore the Giza Plateau, Great Sphinx, and Great Pyramid. The story grew to include the fulfillment of the many theories, lore, and myths of secret chambers, hidden corridors, and lost treasure associated with the Great Pyramid - the response was phenomenal! Riddle of the Sphinx and its sequel The Omega Stone continue to be sold and played worldwide. 

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Quest For Infamy - Screenshots

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Retro Fantasy Role-Playing Epic “Quest For Infamy” to debut on 26th June 2014 For PC, Mac, Linux

Humor-Filled Fantasy RPG Adventure Asks Players to Become a Charming Rogue 

SAN JOSE, Calif. – April 30, 2014 – Phoenix Online Publishing™ today announced that Quest for Infamy, the funniest retro fantasy role-playing adventure of the year, will be available for PC, Mac and Linux via all major digital distribution outlets, and the Phoenix Online Store ( on June 26, 2014. Quest for Infamy is a humor-filled, fantasy epic styled in the vein of classic PC RPGs, in which you play the charming villain.

Blending turn-based combat and spell-casting with puzzle solving and adventure, the game invites players to choose from three character classes—brigand (strength), rogue (stealth), or sorcerer (magic), each with unique storylines and adventures—in one of the largest retro role-playing experiences ever. Adventurers can explore a world of hand-drawn wonder as they wind their way through trap-infested dungeons, battle slavering beasts with swords or custom-made spells, and lie, cheat or steal their way to infamy. Being bad has never felt so good!

“Imagine if Game of Thrones and The Secret of Monkey Island had a bastard child; that’s exactly what Quest for Infamy is: funny, irreverent and at times a little raunchy. In short, the kind of game you always wanted to play as a kid, but your parents probably wouldn’t let you,” said Steven Alexander, co-founder of Infamous Quests. “We set out to offer Quest for Infamy as a game that taps into the nostalgia of yesterday, where great story and humor trumped fancy graphics. And judging by the very positive feedback we’ve received, we’ve created a game that fans have been eagerly awaiting!”

Quest for Infamy’s Key Features Include:

  • Humorous retro fantasy RPG packed with adventure, puzzles, combat and spellcasting
  • Play as one of three distinctly different anti-heroes with unique quests: Brigand, Rogue or Sorcerer
  • Use swords, spells or wits to blaze a path to victory: Styles vary with every play
  • Hand-drawn world seamlessly blends role-playing and adventure
  • Over 50 NPCs and 200 rooms to explore and interact with
  • Customize your own spells, skills and adventures

About Infamous Quests

Founded in 2012 by Steven Alexander and Shawn Mills, Infamous Quests is a dedicated team committed to making games we would love to play ourselves. They came together with the common goal of creating fantastic games – ones that would feel like they came from and fit perfectly with the best titles of the golden era of adventure games. Visit for more information.

About Phoenix Online Publishing – Every Game Has a StoryTM

Phoenix Online Publishing is a new independent video game publisher dedicated to bringing compelling and cutting-edge story-driven titles to marketworldwide in every genre and across the full range of gaming platforms and devices. Providing game makers with business management, marketing, media and digital/retail distribution services, the company is committed to providing a platform for bringing titles with rich storytelling and atmosphere to life. Designed by indie game developers for indie game developers, Phoenix Online Publishing operates in parallel with Phoenix Online Studios, an award-winning game development studio (The Silver LiningCognition), and maintains a global network of development, publishing and distribution partners. More information about Phoenix Online Publishing can be found on the company's website,

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Don't be a Strategy Square - "Bezircle" is Now Available for iOS

 Ayopa Games’ latest indie-developed game, Bezircle, is now available on the App Store for iOS devices. 

Developed by Dutch indie-studio Ludomotion, Bezircle challenges players to win levels by capturing orbs and using boosters to defeat their AI or human opponents. The challenge comes from opponents who are competing to achieve the same thing!

This appealing and infinitely repayable arcade puzzler has a large single-player campaign, infinite randomly-created multiplayer levels for up to four players at once, and an additional “beat as many levels as possible" single-player leaderboard mode for experts!

     One-Button Tactical Gameplay – Bezircle looks deceptively simple, but offers thrilling tactical gameplay. It will take a long time and lots of skill to master every trick and strategy!
     50 Single-Player Campaign Levels – Delve into the world of Bezircle through multiple themed chapters, each with new orbs and power-ups revealing many surprising twists.
     Local Multiplayer Mode - Enjoy Bezircle with four players on a single device in action-packed tactical matches. Snatch victory from your friends at the very last moment.
     Casual Fun, Seriously Challenging – Single-player levels can be won in many different ways. Can you earn all of the stars and special awards?
     Endless Multiplayer Arenas - Compete in many varieties of multiplayer arenas. All of them are randomly generated, so each battle offers new challenges and opportunities.
     Eight Playable Characters - Meet Woaq’lat, Dartakt’n and all the other crazy zirclings with their dazzling art style and genuinely amusing personalities. Bezircle’s presentation and polish sets a new standard for tactical puzzle games!

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What? This Fusion is Twisted!!

"Join Cora, the dual water-gun wielding heroine on a epic adventure in this unique open world platformer exclusive to Nintendo Wii U."
Well, only 2 hours to go for this Kickstarter but the good news is, it's already funded.  Check out the trailer below and the Twisted Fusion Kickstarter Page for more info.  There's still time to reach the first stretch goal of 4-player co-op mode.

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Help Flix the Flea - only 15 hours left!

At time of posting this, Flix the Flea is sooooooooooooooooo close to reaching its funding goal... trailer below, and check out the Kickstarter Page.  Pledging just £1 will get you a copy of the game.
Meet Flix: the tiniest, springiest of heroes who makes a bid for freedom in Psychotic Psoftware's high-flying, experimental platformer for the PC.  Psychotic Psoftware is actually Mike Hanson, a one-man indie dev team in Stoke, UK.  He has previously used Kickstarter to fund the development of retro shooter "Power-Up".

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Nowhere Studios Launches New Trailer For Dystopian Cinematic Puzzle Platformer “Monochroma”

Istanbul, April 29, 2014 - Independent developer Nowhere Studios launched a new cinematic teaser trailer for its upcoming story driven platform game Monochroma.

Set in an alternate dystopian state during the 1950’s, Monochroma follows the story of a boy and his brother who witness a horrific crime committed by an evil corporation. Narratively led, with no cut-scenes, text or spoken words, Monochroma offers a deep visual, intellectual and emotional attachment, as the brothers work together to progress past devilishly clever puzzles to save their world from tyranny.

Monochroma’s producer Burak Tezateşer emphasizes that the trailer serves as a clue for viewers to unravel the paranoia and foreboding aspects of the story. Spread over four chapters, players will navigate challenging puzzles through multi-storied ghettos, a labyrinth of sewer tunnels, factories and a city sized zeppelin hovering in the sky.
Monochroma is a game that questions the essence of playing a video game. A game might entertain players, make them feel good about themselves, or even help them socialize; but a good game should also be able to satisfy players emotionally and intellectually, make players think about their lives, society and the system they are living in the same way a good movie or novel does” says Tezateşer.

Inspired by the developers’ childhood memories of moving from the countryside to urban Istanbul and the “Gezi Protests” of 2013 - the most violently oppressed protest in modern Turkey - the game questions the societies of control, disinformation of media, destruction of nature, child labor exploitation and the liberal economy; all of which have been inspired by movies, classic stories and games.

As a social responsibility project Nowhere Studios also announced that they are donating $1 to the “Save The Children” organization for every sale made via their own website. They are also donating 15% of their revenue made in Turkey to an organization for homeless children.

(I don't know much about this game to be honest, but the art direction of the trailer itself is phenomenal.)

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The Magical Journey Begins!
Time Warping Puzzle Adventure Platformer Chronology
to Launch May 12th on Steam
Miyazaki Inspired Mind-Bending Indie Platformer Debuts on Steam this May

Aalborg, Denmark - April 30th, 2014 - Indie micro studio osao games today announced that Chronology, its mind-bending puzzle, adventure and platform game will be available for Windows PC on May 12th through digital distribution service Steam. Set in a beautiful universe that mixes classical fantasy with mechanical retro-futuristic elements, players defy time by manipulating the past and the future, to fix the present as they uncover a story that shapes the future of the world.

“As massive fans of Hayao Miyazaki, the world of Chronology has been deeply influenced by animated classics such as Howls Moving Castle andMy Friend Totoro”,  said Niels Højgaard Sørensen, Game Director at Osao Games, “We’ve taken these worlds and mixed them with video game classics - Day of the Tentacles and Lost Vikings, as players travel back and forth between ages to uncover an adventure of mixed dimensions”.

Our story begins, as the inventor wakes to discover the world has ended, and has no memory of his past. After finding a time travel device that can take him back in time, his memory slowly returns... With the help of a snail, who can stop time, the inventor sets out to fix the future by changing the past. Players run and jump through puzzles, using the time travel device, that moves the player from a beautiful idyllic past to a dark dystopian future.

Chronology has had a turbulent history after its original developer Progressive Media, closed its doors in January 2014 after the game has been Greenlit by Steam community. A small dedicated team of ex-developers, turned indie and opened osao games to continue the development of Chronology. Scheduled for release on multiple platforms through 2014, Chronology has already been selected as one of the eight finalists for the Nordic Game Indie Sensation Award.

To learn more about Chronology visit:
Like us on Facebook:
Follow us on twitter: @chronologygame

About osao games
We are a handful of guys with years of experience working on big titles with big publishers - We decided we had to follow our hearts, and work on truly unique, brilliant games that would move and touch those who love the art of games.. People like us. We are now excited to launch our first game,  Chronology.

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Kickstarter: Elder Towers - Indie Deck-building RTS/RPG for iOS/Android

Hong Kong - Akashan Games is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Kickstarter project for Elder Towers, an indie game that is a hybrid between TCG, RTS, and RPG. It is primarily a real-time 3D interpretation of deck-building card game, with a free-roaming RPG campaign in which the players can adventure to gradually collect more spells, more power.

* Free-roaming single-player campaign
* Multiplayer duel
* 160 mind-boggling spells
* 104 summoned units, fully animated 3D characters
* 3 character classes with powerful class-specific feats
* Fast-paced gameplay designed for 5~10 minute matches
* No In-App Purchase lottery * All spells and items are earned through normal gameplay

Elder Towers offers the strategical complexity of a deck-building collectible card game, and translates the deep game mechanism into intuitive fast-paced gameplay with exciting visuals. The focus of the game is about building a good deck of spells and choosing a good team of summons beforehand, and using the right tools at the right moment.

You play as a powerful mage who can turn the tide of battle with just one or two spells. You can do far more than just spamming fireballs and blizzards on your enemies. You can call forth a tornado to remove enemy creatures from the battlefield. You can conjure a dense mist to blind all creatures. You can feast on the soul of your opponent's summons to refill your mana. You can turn your summons into undying frenzied berserkers, or transform them into giants with massive strength. You can cut up your enemies with storm of blades, impale them with wall of spears.

Your opponents would not just be waves of mindless mobs. You will have wizard fights with powerful spellcasters, erecting magical shields and walls, countering spells, reflecting magic missiles, and so on.

To allow you to focus on the magical warfare, you will not be fettered with micromanagement of your summons. They will all act on their own: defender units will automatically engage enemies who get close to your base, bodyguard units will follow and protect you, attacker units will invade enemy base and attack any enemies on their path. Most creatures possess some unique powers, and may produce interesting combos with the spells.

You will gradually build up your arsenal of spells and summons by following the main campaign, or by just roaming around the four magical kingdoms and completing the procedurally-generated side quests, discovering powerful artifacts and learning special spellcasting feats. Gather the power, build your best deck, and test your mettle in online duels.

A Kickstarter project has been launched to gather funds and feedbacks for the game. Players are invited to make suggestions for interesting spells, and 8 spells will be created and included in the game, and be given to Kickstarter backers as exclusive rewards.

Akashan Games is a start-up indie game developer team for mobile games. 

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Mark of the Old Ones - a Metroidvanian adventure

Mark of the Old Ones by Philadelphia-based indie devs "Hit the Sticks" describes itself as "a 2.5D Metroidvania physics platformer. Inspired by some of our favorite games such as Metroid and Zelda, as well as by the mythos of HP Lovecraft."  From the trailer I can't quite get a feel for what the gameplay will be like, but the beautiful graphics are pretty beguiling.  It's about to enter the final week of it's Kickstarter Campaign - currently a smidge under 50% funded.

Check out the trailer below, and then visit the Mark of the Old Ones Kickstarter Page if you want to find out more and / or make a pledge.

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Imagine Earth - Planetary Colonisation

Build your own space colony in Imagine Earth by Serious Brothers - a city and world sim with strategy. Various planets are waiting to be explored and populated or destroyed - manage the ecosystems carefully unless you want to bring disaster to your worlds.  Check out the funding campaign on IndieGoGo, at time of posting 40% funded with 4 days to go.  And, of courser, check out the trailer below:

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The "Patrick Scott Patterson Indie Bundle" - available for $3.99

It's bundle time! Until May 11th, ShinyLoot will be hosting the $3.99 Patrick Scott Patterson Indie Bundle chosen by none other than the man himself. Normally SpaceChem, Ring Runner, Dwarf Quest, Survivor Squad, 3 Stars of Destiny, and Residue combined would cost over $50, but for a short you will save almost 93% buying them together. Additionally, all of these games are DRM-free/lite AND include a Steam key or have already been greenlit.

(Offer runs to 11th May 2014)

Get the Patrick Scott Patterson Indie Bundle

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Monday, 28 April 2014

Fancy a free retro shmup? Try Hydorah!

Hydorah is a cool little R-Type (etc) style game with retro graphics, decent soundtrack and voice samples, and traditional sideways shmup gameplay.  It's free, and definitely work a play if you like retro shooters.

Get Hydorah for FREE from ShinyLoot

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Available Now

HyperX Cloud Provides Maximum Comfort While Gaming
Superior Audio Performance
Continues High Standards of HyperX Brand

Fountain Valley, CA – April 28, 2014  HyperX®, a division of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced the release of the HyperX Cloud gaming headset. HyperX Cloud features extremely comfortable ear cushions and larger audio drivers to give gamers ultimate comfort and superior sound during long game play sessions.

HyperX Cloud uses memory foam ear cushions and a soft, leather-padded headband with custom stitching for enhanced comfort and style. The over-the-ear, closed-cup design helps block out ambient noise for a more immersive game experience. Interchangeable velour ear cushions enable gamers to hear their surroundings while also delivering dialogue and every explosion and gunfire in clear, high-fidelity audio from the large 53mm drivers. HyperX Cloud also features a detachable microphone and is made of aluminum for durability.
 “HyperX worked with Swedish manufacturer QPAD to create a headset that delivers comfort and superb sound for long game play. This is a winning combination as QPAD is known for high-quality gaming peripherals throughout Europe,” said Lawrence Yang, business manager, HyperX. “We think the hours will pass by without notice as gamers wear the HyperX Cloud headset.”

HyperX Cloud is compatible with PC and PS4™ as well as smartphones and tablets. It is the official headset of Intel Extreme Masters, Alliance Gaming, CNB e-Sports Club, SK-Gaming and Team Liquid. HyperX Cloud is backed by a two-year warranty and legendary HyperX reliability. For more information, please visit

HyperX is the high-performance product division of Kingston® Technology encompassing high-speed DDR3 memory, SSDs, USB Flash drives and headsets. Targeted at gamers, overclockers and enthusiasts, HyperX is known throughout the world for quality, performance and innovation. HyperX is committed to eSports as it sponsors over 20 teams globally and is the main sponsor of Intel Extreme Masters. HyperX can be found at many shows including Brasil Game Show, China Joy, DreamHack and PAX.

For more information, visit the HyperX home page.

HyperX Cloud Headset:
  • Transducer Type: Dynamic Closed Ø 53mm
  • Frequency Response: 15Hz - 25KHz
  • SPL Sound Pressure Level: 98±3dB
HyperX Cloud Microphone:
  • Transducer Type: Condenser (back electret)
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Response: 100 - 12,000 Hz
HyperX can be found on:
  • YouTube:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • LinkedIn:
  • Google+:
About HyperX
HyperX® is a division of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the world’s largest independent memory manufacturer. Established in 2002, HyperX is headquartered in Fountain Valley, California, USA. 

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'The Last Tinker: City of Colors' Arrives on Steam, May 12th

San Francisco, USA -- April 28th, 2014 -- Award-winning developer Mimimi Productions and Unity Games are pleased to announce that the 3D action adventure game The Last Tinker: City of Colors, will be available for Windows PC, Mac and Linux on May 12th through digital distribution service Steam. In this award-winning platformer, players battle the forces of evil as Koru, a cheerful and acrobatic young boy with unique abilities, aims to return brightness and vitality back to his homeland. For pricing and additional information visit:

To celebrate the impending release of The Last Tinker: City of Colors, a new gameplay overview trailer is now available for download. Watch the trailer to get a first-hand look at Koru's adventures in Colortown.

In a world where creativity has given way to conflict, a young street kid living in the slums of Colortown seeks to restore the spark of imagination to his hometown. As Koru, you must harness the power of color to defeat the Bleakness and make Colortown vibrant once again. A charming blend of modern platforming and multicolored style, The Last Tinker is a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Along with having recently been awarded the “Best Game in Show, Audience Choice” prize at the 2014 Casual Connect conference, The Last Tinker also won the "Best Project" award at Game Connection 2011. 

About Mimimi Productions
Located in Munich, Germany, Mimimi Productions in an independent games development studio that develops innovative games that mix challenging puzzles and easy to understand concepts. Mimimi’s debut release is Apple Design Award winner daWindci, a critically acclaimed 2.5D puzzle game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The Last Tinker: City of Colors will be released in summer 2014 onto console and desktop platforms. For further information on Mimimi Productions visit

About Unity Games
Unity Games is a division of Unity Technologies dedicated to publishing high quality Unity authored games. Working with the talented and diverse Unity community, Unity Games is elevating the status of its developer base, while pioneering technologically and artistically advanced games. For more information, visit

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Space Farmers!

Have you ever wanted to be a Space Farmer?  Come on, admit it... secretly, deep inside, you have.  Well, now's your chance!

"Grab a friend, grab a gadget, grab a gun and get ready. Space Farmers is the most fun you'll ever have in a co-op game.  You're trapped on an alien space station and forced to share your secret British agriculture secrets. With no means of escape or tea making facilities this is all very uncivilized!  Luckily a hoard of hungry robots are attacking the station and your captors have vanished. Stopping only to pick up an Energy Shotgun and a Pie-O-Matic you begin your quest for freedom!  

In Space Farmers you and a friend will encounter gadgets, guns, puzzles, pigs, a horde of killer robots and more. This one of a kind co-operative action adventure will make you laugh, cry and bring the human race together."

Space Farmers is currently (at time of posting and for 4 1/2 days following) on special offer over at Shiny Loot - $6.99 instead of $9.99.

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