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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Tasty Planet Sequel - Tasty Blue

If you liked Tasty Planet, you'll love Tasty Blue! You play as a small goldfish with an insatiable appetite. After being overfed by your owner, you escape into the ocean and begin to eat everything you encounter. The more you eat, the bigger you get!

In addition to the goldfish, you can also play as a dolphin and a shark. The dolphin starts off as an overworked aquarium star, forced to jump through flaming hoops for food. He escapes from captivity by eating his way through the aquarium and taking revenge on his trainer. The shark is the final playable character, an artificial fish created by scientists to save Earth's oceans. There's no telling how big this shark will get.

Tasty Blue Features:
-Over 70 levels
-3 unique environments
-3 playable characters
-Customizable difficulty
-2-Player cooperative mode
-Eat hundreds of aquatic entities

Tasty Blue is the spiritual sequel to Tasty Planet and Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds. It shares the same "eat everything" gameplay but it's in a totally new setting and has many gameplay improvements.

Tasty Blue for PC:    Order  Demo  More Info
Tasty Blue for Mac:  Order  Demo  More Info

Tasty Planet for PC:    Order Demo More Info
Tasty Planet for Mac: Order Demo More Info

Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds:  (PC)   Order Demo More Info
Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds:  (Mac) Order Demo More Info

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