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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Afternoon Hero - a short and sweet old school platformer available on Android, iOS, OUYA and FireTV

If your dog was kidnapped, would you go and save him?  Of course you would!  Even if it means jump-kicking your way through hundreds of hooligans?  Er... well, of course, I mean he's a good dog and all.  Here's the press release and trailer (which you really should play for the music even if you're not interested in the game!).

Israel, Haifa -- Jun 07, 2014 -- An indie game developer from Israel has released a new simple yet fun old school platfomer for Android, iOS, OUYA and FireTV.

Afternoon Hero is a game about a boy trying to save his dog from a gang of punks. The mechanics are simple enough. Left, Right and Jump Kick.  However, with hand tailored challenges the game tries to put you against new situations every step while avoiding fillers.  The game has mixed playing styles - platforming and beat-'em-up.

Ofer is an indie game developer from Israel that tried making games since 2001. Ofer's games are mostly unknown but he never gave up on making games.

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