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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Don't Be Stuck for... um... what are those things, you know made of letters?...

Don't Be Stuck 4 Words is a new free word and puzzle game for Android and iOS.  It's the debut release by DB4S Games.

The game has 4 different rounds, each against the clock (set at 60 seconds):

ROUND 1 : 'guess the word' are given a choice of 1 of 7 categories ranging from animals and cities to movie stars. When you have made your choice you are given an anagram and you have 60 secs on the clock to figure out what it is.

ROUND 2 : 'make some words' are given 12 letters and yes it's as easy as it sounds..submit as many words as you can in 60 secs!.

ROUND 3 : 'hit the target'...this is a maths based are given a random target number and a mini calculator .

ROUND 4 : 'odd one out'...choose the odd one out..try to get as many right as you can in the 60 seconds .

('Rabbits' can be used in each round ( except R4) to reveal letters, or to add extra time to the clock .  They can be won during the game or purchased in the store.)

There is a two player option where you can challenge your Friends on Facebook or by email.

Android :

iOS :

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