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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Sneeweis' first indie title "Oggipital" released


"Cut, slice, pop, and squash! It's almost impossible to keep your hands off once you start, you'll notice that! Just one pop more..."

Meet the funny and cute Kisau Veelas! Use a two-finger pinch move to slice them on the playfield. Collect as many of the same kind as possible and prepare to level up to the next stage - closer and closer to the top of the high score list.

But beware! One single mistake and the bone-headed Oggiput will jump in and mess with your game! Squash him as soon as possible like the bug he is...

Oggipital is a game where you can please your slicing and squashing skills. A game about quick decisions and accurate finger moves. Not an easy game, we tell you. You’ll need skilled fingers to make those cuts, but once you level up you’ll start exploring the secret strategies for scoring high!

Can you find the optimal strategy and tune your finger skills to beat everyone on the planet? We haven’t been able to, so far. Game Center will keep track of your scores, so log in, and challenge your friends for a race up the leaderboards!

The game is suitable for every age, from kid to grandparent. There’s no graphical violence in it, and not a single IAP (In-App Purchase) or advertisement bugging you. Pure action gameplay all through.

Will you become the world's best Oggipitalist?


Developer: Sneeweis. Based in Pori, Finland.

Game Web Page

App Store Link 


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