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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Red Goddess in the final 48 hours and setting its sight on the stretch goals.

June 4 2014 - Valencia, Spain - Yanim Studio are pleased to announce that the second stretch goal, for Red Goddess, has been unlocked, God's War. The campaign has raised more than $40,000 with over 1,100 backers, the KickStarter is now in its final 48 hours. 

'We'd just like to extend our gratitude to our backers for being as excited for Red Goddess as we are.  We've just surpassed our second stretch goal, God's War.  In God's War, Divine faces an intense battle from creatures and deities of the past in a dark, hellish nightmare environment.' said Yannick Puig, creative director of Yanim Studio, 'We're now in our final 48 hours of the KickStarter campaign, we're racing to our third stretch goal (which unlocks new powers for Divine and extends the skill tree) and we'd like to also announce that we're accepting PayPal donations for would be backers with no credit or debit card.'

In Red Goddess, you play as a troubled deity named Divine, who feels confused and haunted by her past. Something mysterious and unknown is tearing her apart from the inside out, destroying her mind, her soul and Divine herself! The journey begins when Divine decides to right this wrong by exploring her own subconscious, where she will discover a planet within her own mind made up of mountains, forests, caves and perils unknown.

Want to see yourself or even your beloved pet immortalised in a video game? In the Red Goddess Kickstarter campaign,Yanim Studio can make this happen with one of two new pledge types and a photo. Take a look at the Kickstarter page for details!

About Yanim Studio
Yanim Studio is primarily known as a high-end character animation and visual effects studio. Game credits within the team include: Deadlight, Risen, Wanted: Weapons of Fate.

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