Thursday, 5 June 2014

User reviews and Let's Play embedding among IndieGameStand's new community features -- plus, huge storewide game sale!

IndieGameStand ( has been serving the indie game community for almost two years -- first introducing "pay what you want" sales that put a new game in the spotlight every 96 hours, then opening a storefront where developers can easily list games and set their own prices. Now the site is expanding even further with the launch of new community features that went live this morning.
While the "usual suspects" are well represented (forums, user profiles, the ability for users to link to social media accounts, etc.), the highlight is a user review system where you can rank games, write reviews, and upvote helpful reviews. Better yet, in a feature created especially for the indie game community's growing crew of "Let's Players," users can embed videos from YouTube,, and Vimeo -- so "on the fence" gamers get easy access to content that helps them decide which game to buy, and Let's Players get new ways to find an audience and monetize their videos.
"IndieGameStand's mission is to support the indie community by connecting developers with consumers who love indie games. Our new user review system -- the first of its kind among game storefronts -- is another tool for uniting this community," says IndieGameStand's founder Mike Gnade. "Let's Players are a lot like indie developers, trying to get their content noticed on a very big, very noisy internet. With IndieGameStand's user reviews, now they can get their videos in front of the ideal audience: potential customers of the games they're streaming. Let's Players, developers, gamers -- the whole indie community benefits."
To get the user reviews rolling, IndieGameStand has a massive sale going on with more than a hundred indie developers participating. Discounted games include fan favorites Proteus1849AscendantMegabyte Punch, and dozens of others. The storefront carries almost four hundred PC, Mac, and Linux games, many of which come with a free Steam or Desura key, digital soundtracks, and other extras.
Visit to check out the new community features and pick up some quality indie games for cheap. The site is also running a contest with prizes going to the users whose reviews are voted most helpful; for details, visit
If you're a Let's Player who wants to embed your videos, go to for details.
While any community member can post a user review, IndieGameStand also allows bloggers and online journalists to link to external reviews from the storefront. Email to apply to have your site included.

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