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Soon you can play mind games on your iOS devices

Yellow Monkey Studios set to launch “It’s Just a Thought” for the iOS platform Mumbai, Dec 17, 2010: Yellow Monkey Studios, an independent game developer from India, have developed “It’s Just a Thought” for the Apple iOS platform. The game is scheduled for release on Dec 17, 2010.

What are thoughts? How are they sustained? How do millions of thoughts co-exist and how do they interact? “It’s Just a Thought” is a game chronicling the symbolic journey of a thought.

In this game, a thought has to be kept alive in the mind. The thought travels on the neuron network, lighting them up to survive. Along the way are disturbing thoughts which change one’s mood. Each mood affects the neural pathway differently. Scattered around are helpful memories. Once a thought is lost, it is seen again only if another thought treads deep enough along those pathways.

The game uses social media to customize the player’s experience.  Memories are the player’s photos taken from their Facebook albums.  “This is a refreshing interactive experience that allows you to explore moods, re-live your memories and capture your thoughts.” says Shailesh Prabhu, game designer and founder of Yellow Monkey Studios, “The game can be unexpectedly therapeutic.”

The game will be available for Apple platforms i.e. the iPod Touch (2nd generation onwards), iPhone (3G S onwards), and the iPad. The game is available for $1.99.

In addition to It’s Just a Thought, Yellow Monkey Studios have also developed Finger Footie, a top down football game for the iPad with intuitive touch based controls, along with other fighting, sports and casual games for various clients in India and abroad.

Finger Footie for iPhone
Finger Footie for iPad


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