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RetroFlux Releases Ultrablast Special Edition, Along with Soundtrack

Posted by Dave Seaman on Thursday, 23 December 2010

Oslo, Norway - December 22, 2010 - Independent games developer RetroFlux announced today the release of Ultrablast Special Edition with new features and retina display support, and its original soundtrack, available on BandCamp.

Ultrablast is an oldschool shoot'em up for iOS which follows an unusual story revolving around four characters. Featuring exotic levels and a unique soundtrack, Ultrablast is a frantic shooter that brings back the fun (and pain) of the arcade era.

Quoting Osman Keskin, developer of the game, "We listened to our players, and made necessary changes for Ultrablast to become one of the best shooters out there!" He also states the owners of the original edition need not worry, as these new features will soon be coming to the original edition of the game with a version update.

Ultrablast Special Edition is available from App Store as a free download. In addition, its highly praised soundtrack, composed by John Hübinette, is now available on BandCamp for pay-what-you-want. Meaning you can get the whole soundtrack for one buck!

Features in Special Edition:
* Retina display support
* Scanline filter (enabled by default for retina displays)
* Community pages powered by PlayHaven
* Instant Power Orb activation (one touch)
* Enhancement to controls 

Buy Ultrablast Special Edition

Get Ultrablast soundtrack on Bandcamp

About RetroFlux:
RetroFlux is an independent games company located in Oslo, Norway. Founded in 2010 by Osman Keskin, RetroFlux focuses on creating story-driven arcade and roleplaying games with many years of professional games industry experience.


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