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One of the most known Flight Simulator developer FeelThere announces a new website for a new generation Air Traffic Controller system.

Aliso Viejo, California/USA -- December 17, 2010. One of the most known Flight Simulator developer FeelThere announces The The Air Traffic Controller Suite website provides information about upcoming simulations: Air Traffic Controller Tower! 2011, Tracon! 2011 and ATCC! 2011.

Air Traffic Control Tower will be the first release of the suite. In Tower! 2011 your task is to guide airplanes to and from the terminals for departure and arrival, Direct them as to when it's safe to enter/cross runways, which taxiways they are use, when to take off or land, and much more.

“Tower! 2011 uses an inhouse Windows-based 2d engine allowing to play the simulation from a photorealistic top down view. With it's complex command structure, advanced AI and Speech Recognition technology provided by Microsoft Speech, the simulation will take you to the edge to experience the thrill of the life of an air traffic controller. The ATC suite website will provide all the necessary information about this upcoming simulation system.”

Included in the upcoming Tower! 2011 are:
-3 international airports
-Advanced AI
-Single and multiplayer edition
-Speech recognition technology (provided by the Microsoft Speech SDK)
-photorealistic 2d graphics with dynamic lighting and ground traffic
-Complex simulation of a real life duty of a Tower controller
- Available for Windows works as the hub for all game parts and readers are welcome to visit the website for screenshots, videos and downloads about the simulations.

About FeelThere
FeelThere was estabilished in 2002 with the goal to create affordable high quality add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. FeelThere created many advanced simulations (probably the widest range of jet airplanes) and won several awards. In 2006 the PIC B-737 received the "Best Commercial Airplane" award.


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