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“Final Freeway” Arcade Racing Game Now Available for Android

Posted by Dave Seaman on Monday, 20 December 2010

The highly popular iOS game “Final Freeway” is now also available for Android OS. The game finally brings the unique driving mechanics from the classic arcade racers to the mobile market.

Tokyo, Japan - December 19, 2010 - Highly popular old-school arcade racing game
Final Freewayhas been released for Android devices and is immediately available on the Android Market.

“Final Freeway” brings the unique arcade driving mechanics and rendering style from the racing games of the late 80s, to mobile devices. Originally released in August 2010 for iOS, it quickly gathered positive reviews from specialized media and the public alike and was featured in the App Store markets worldwide to reach the #1 spot among the iPad racing games in most countries, including US, Japan and Italy.

This game is now available for Android OS, where all the original contents from the latest iOS version are maintained and a new control scheme is added, along with full support for the complete gamut of Android devices’ display resolutions.

“Final Freeway” places the player in a race across 8 different and unique stages, to be played in two courses or one stage at the time. 

The game is a fast paced arcade racer capable of very good frame rates on older devices, while also taking advantage of more recent Android systems to achieve the best possible playing experience.

[CaptainD says... anyone else reminded very stronly of Outrun?!?!  Not a bad thing of course... :-D]


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