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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

John Wizard Games Announce: Lilly and Sasha: Curse of the Immortals

Lilly and Sasha: Curse of the Immortals is out!

We are extremely proud to announce the release of our new game, Curse of the Immortals. The first game in the Lilly and Sasha series.

“Sasha is fooled into placing her hand on an ancient shrine and becomes possessed by the Immortal Zahhak. Lilly and Sasha must find a way to break the curse before Sasha’s mind is completely overtaken by Zahhak.”


· Brand new Battle System

· Fully detailed Journal

· Gorgeous New Menus

· Maps Built into the Game

· Tons of Unique Puzzles

Plus all of the great dialogue and humor you’ve come to expect from a John Wizard game.

Check out the official site at www.lillyandsasha.com

Download the game from http://cdn.johnwizard.com/Lilly-and-Sasha-COTI.exe

The Official Strategy Guide

You asked for it, we wrote it!

The Official Strategy Guide is the ultimate source of information for Curse of the Immortals. It’s packed with guides, solutions and tips!

The guide contains a full walkthrough, puzzle solutions, boss strategies, side quest guides and more!

Download a sample of the guide from http://cdn.johnwizard.com/COTI-Guide-Sample.pdf

We are thrilled to release Curse of the Immortals and we can’t wait for you to play it.

Daniel and Andrew

John Wizard Games

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