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Chrono Rage released for PC

Posted by Dave Seaman on Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Chrono Rage, an Arena Shooter with 3D pixel arts spaceships is out. Created by Anima Games, this game is a tribute to the 8-bit era.

Chrono Rage is a fast paced shoot them up for the PC for casual as well as hardcore gamers. Chrono Rage confronts the player with a pixel swarm coming from the past and ready for battle. Great dexterity, nerves of steel and blazing reflexes are the weapons needed to tame this game.

Chrono Rage features :
- 20 time trial challenges
- 1 survival mode
- 2 bonus modes
- 14 original enemies
- 21 achievements to unlock
- XBox360 controller support
- Double analog gamepad support

Chrono Range Trailer:

A free demo is available on Chrono Rage web site :


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