Monday, 18 February 2013

Stampede 3D - Price Drops to $0.99

Melbourne, Australia -- February 18, 2013 -- Stampede 3D is now 0.99c, This fierce title now becomes even better value at one third the original price! Stampede 3D is all about using fast and feral instincts to dodge your way through the charging horde. With angry critters running at you from every side, every moment is fight or flight for survival. 

Progressing through a series of short stages, survival becomes increasingly difficult. New types of enemies are added into the mix. Invincible enemies, homing enemies and large boss enemies make for an intense combination of action and strategy.   Raise your power to fight or escape their foes by using level-ups to upgrade their spells and abilities.  Unlock new characters, each one with a unique set of moves.  Interact with your environment to survive, throw special enemies off your trail by triggering a falling log or leading them into a trap. 

Stampede 3D is available on the App Store now at 66% off the original price! 

Stampede 3D Trailer: 

About Flyleap: 
Flyleap Studios are a two man development team who developed Kindoms Collide, Little Dragon 3D, Stampede 3D and are currently developing Kingdoms Rise. The team are based in Melbourne, Australia.

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