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Posted by Dave Seaman on Monday, 13 December 2010

Sorry, missed this one...


Previca Limited, a Brighton-based IT services provider, is launching a web environment that helps people learn to write code and share their ideas with a creative community online. YOUSRC (pronounced "you source" - ) works like YouTube, in that it allows users to create applications rather than video content, share it, enjoy other people's work, and learn from how others write code.

YOUSRC is the perfect place for people who want to learn to code apps. The new resource stems from Previca's passion to help people be creative with IT, rather than just seeing it as a set of tools to use - such as tools for web browsing, tools to write documents, etc. - or simply running other people's applications. It is a place where people can find out how to programme web-based apps, share them with others and benefit from being part of a knowledgeable community. The site is designed for beginners as well as people who have coded before. Users aged 11 to 60 are currently giving it a go.

Paul Clarke, creator of YOUSRC, says: "There's a lot of interest in 'apps', thanks to success stories such as Android phones, iPhones and the iPad. However, how do people get into programming in the first place without going to university? And even if people can programme, how can ideas and techniques be shared and grow?"

He adds: "Our web-browser based YOUSRC platform shows people how to programme simple, fun games and share them with a receptive community. As well as sharing the app they've created, users share the code they've written to make the app. Our users can have a great time playing games, propagating ideas and being truly creative, and it all takes place in a family-safe environment.

"In other 'learn to code' sites, such as MIT's Scratch (, the user doesn't actually write real code, so YOUSRC provides less of a stepping stone to real programming."

YOUSRC features a simple programming language called ELC which is quicker and easier to learn than the likes of C or Java, while providing an ideal 'rung on the ladder' to these more complex languages used to write professional software. It also provides a free set of tools to convert code written by the user into an app that runs in a web browser; a free web-based workspace where users can write their apps and manage the images or sounds used within them; and a showcase area where published apps are publicly available and the underlying code is displayed. YOUSRC also provides sample code to get people started and features some more complex games in its showcase section so users can see how advanced coding can be done.

Paul Clarke concludes: "It's bizarre that computers are more plentiful and powerful than ever before but it's never been more bewildering to start programming them. Indeed, programming languages are becoming more complex, which is creating a barrier to people getting started. YOUSRC is a simple and free way to overcome these hurdles and start programming. It encourages people to learn new skills that can stand them in good stead in the future."


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