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The First 3D Blox Smashing Puzzle For The iOS Launches As Free For a Day

Posted by Dave Seaman on Friday, 17 December 2010

Tel-Aviv based Nitako games today announces Save Toshi, their upcoming 3D physics blox smashing puzzle for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The game's story will revolve around a cute fictional anime character called Toshi San, who loves to dance and will need your help to get to a proper dance-floor. The game will be available on the App Store Mon, Dec 20, 2010. It will launch as Free for one day only.

Tel-Aviv, Israel - Nitako, the award winning game studio behind "Rasta Monkey" (featured by Apple on "Best Swinging Games", reached the #9 top paid app on the US appstore), is pleased to introduce Save Toshi 1.0 for iOS. The game will launch on Mon, Dec 20 as free for one day only.

Looking For A New Experience?
Physics puzzles are definitely one of the most popular game genres on the app store. While most of these puzzles take place in simple 2d worlds, Nitako's Save Toshi pulls ahead of the pack by providing an unique 3d take on that genre, one that can easily be compared to the Wii's hit game Boom Blox.

Me Love To Dancing:
The game's story revolves around a cute fictional anime character called Toshi San, who loves to dance and needs your help to get to a proper dance-floor. The player's goal is to help Toshi get to the dance-floor area by shooting and smashing down the different types of blocks she is standing on.

Super Simple:
The game controls  are incredibly simple to pick up. To shoot, tap your finger on the target. To rotate your view, just drag your finger around, THATS IT! Save Toshi has an easy and straightforward learning process with detailed in-game tutorials and there is also a hint system to help you with even with the most challenging levels.

Super Challenging:
The level design uses a wide variety of game-play elements (different materials, explosives, hinges, and more) to create 100 mind-boggling physics puzzles. To rule the leader-boards, the player needs to solve all levels with as few shots as possible and while the game starts out with extremely easy tutorial puzzles, later levels can be insanely difficult to score perfectly.

* Amazingly fluid and realistic 3d physics
* Works without a glitch on all devices
* 100 fun and challenging levels with a smooth difficulty curve
* Outstanding variety of different game-play elements
* Intuitive and super easy to pick up controls
* Easy and straightforward learning process with in-game tutorials
* Hint system available for all levels
* Simple golf like scoring system (based on number of shots)
* Open-Feint achievements and leader-boards
* Cute and funny lead anime character
* Beautiful 3D environments
* Unlock new outfits and level music
* Universal app with full HD Retina display

Pricing and Availability:
The game will be available on the appstore starting Mon, Dec 20. After the Free for one day period, The Full version of Save Toshi 1.0 will be priced at $1.99 (USD).

Located in Rishon Le Zion, Israel, Nitako was founded in 2008 by Noam Abta and Yuval Markovich. Formerly the founding team and creative directors of They bring their expertise in the fields of animation, game design and software development to deliver a truly original mobile gaming experience with an emphasis on the fun factor. Copyright (C) 2010 Nitako. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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