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BOH update14 released

Posted by saimo on Thursday, 9 December 2010

The year could not end without BOH players getting one more nice gift: this 14th update ups the total number of missions to a whopping 50 (for many tens of hours of play), brings a few enhancements and makes life easier to who enjoys creating his own missions!

More specifically, this update:
* reworks the advanced automapper (the realistic mode has been replaced with the fullscreen view, which allows to see more; the controls have been made more comfortable);
* improves the video modes suggestions;
* allows terminating map lines with CR+LF;
* improves error logging;
* improves the graphics of blocks in theme "C64";
* adds 5 new missions;
* retouches slightly a few missions;
* retouches slightly the Spanish translation;
* updates the manuals;
* applies various other changes.

The update can be downloaded for free from the DOWNLOADS page of the official website.
The demos have been updated to reflect the changes.

P.S. BOH is one of the 100 indie games that made it to the second phase of the Indie of the Year Awards - if you think it deserves to go further, vote for it!


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