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Indie Games Developer Magazine to launch soon

Posted by Dave Seaman on Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Indie Games Developer Magazine is a new free to read magazine launching in 2011 (around March). To help Indie's market their games, they're providing 40 developers per issue with a free 2 page interview / game showcase. Your game can be completed or in the stages of development to generate interest. Space is limited for the first issue.  Sign up via our website at for your free copy and they'll get in touch.

Each issue will be around 100-130 pages. Sign up and support Indie Games Developers worldwide.


Jonathon Wisnoski said...

Is it just me or does that sounds way too long for a magazine.
It sounds like something I would enjoy, but 2 page interviews and 100-130 pages is just way to long winded for me.

CaptainD said...

I did think it sounded like a rather thick volume! Still I suppose a lot of printed video game mags are around that size? I wonder how many pages of advertising this one will have? said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Hi Guys. Thanks for posting this. We do appreciate it. Just to answer your questions:

@Johnathon - 2 pages may sound quite a bit. However, we're hoping to fill up most of the space with graphics and screenshots from showcasing their games. So really (half to a full page of info and the rest is artwork).

@CaptainD - because the magazine is free and should bring in the reader base, we need to get in some advertising to keep the magazine running as we're not charging for readership or for most of the space occupied. We're going to limit ourselves to a maximum of 20 adverts (full pages) but will reduce this number over time once other avenues kick in, this also excludes the back pages (smaller adverts) which are not included in the Games Player version of the magazine as these are aimed at developers only and will reduce the size further for those who just like to play games. The magazine will be out every two months, but if we can manage it we may produce one issue a month and reduce the size further. Our first issue will be a bumper issue to launch our BETA magazine, after that we'll see how things go. Thanks again! Indie Games Developer - Magazine.

Jonathon Wisnoski said...

Well that does sounds more manageable. And sorry for being completely negative there.

It does sounds interesting.
I wonder after the 40 developers per issue do their interview will the magazine be following (all of the games'/the most interesting games'/the most interesting that is submitted) progress? (sorry if that sentence is not clear, basically just asking what followup will be done on the games mentioned)
Also what quality control will their be, in respect to the games. Will you simply fit the 40 most interesting games every month or it their a minimum about of quality that you will be enforcing.


Jonathon Wisnoski said...

Wondering about the back pages.
"(2) there is extra back pages that have been added to the magazine for game developers"

I assume this will be about game dev software/techniques?
what if I am interested in reading this, but am not a game developer and do not have one to be featured in your mag? said...

@Jonathon - no problem on being negative - feedback and listening to our readers/developers is key to making this a success. We will be following up on the games that are included in the magazine, but this will not be 2 pages worth of a follow up, just a small showcase updating everyone on the release of a game - providing the developers let us know. If we have the resources then we will employ someone to follow up on the games. Difficult to say at this early stage. We will have a varied amount of games shown in each magazine from startups to developers who are nearing completion or have already been around for some time but need some extra publicity. The only requirement is that you must have something to say and show. If they get a publisher/investor or a sale from it then we're doing something right. On the back pages; when you sign up you select whether you are a games developer or a games player, this is so that we don't contact you if you are not interested in showcasing your game in our magazine, but when it comes down to reading the magazine you will have the option to select the developer extended version which includes the back pages (services, game artwork, jobs and so on) - both version will be available for download.

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