Friday, 30 May 2014

War (the game) - who needs it!

New on Desura (review coming soon - possibly even 2 reviews!):

"In 'War,the Game' players take the role of a supreme commander directing armies across the globe. Straightforward game rules, limited number of unit types (7) and intuitive controls make this game very accessible. Some of the features: - In 'War,the Game' earth is a sphere, not flat. - 'War,the Game' is easy to learn yet difficult to master. - Playable with mouse or 360-controller. - Super duper ai. 'War,the Game' takes inspiration from boardgames such as Diplomacy, Risk and Axis & Allies, picks only the best elements from traditional RTSes and simplifies, simplifies, simplifies."

WarTheGame: Screenshots:

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