Sunday, 11 May 2014

AGS Awards Category Reshuffle

After considerable discussion and voting on the forums, the AGS Awards 2014 will have slightly revamped categories.  (The AGS Awards for 2014 will take place early in 2015, so that people can nominate, play the games and cast their votes, which usually takes a few weeks.)

This is what the categories will look like:

Overall awards
  1. Best Game Created with AGS
  2. Best Gameplay
  3. Best Writing
  4. Best Puzzles
  5. Best Character
Category awards
  1. Best Short Game
  2. Best Demo
  3. Best Non-Adventure Game Created with AGS
  4. Best Freeware Game Created with AGS
Technical awards
  1. Best Background Art
  2. Best Character Art
  3. Best Animation
  4. Best Programming
Sound awards
  1. Best Music & Sound
  2. Best Voice Work
Commitee decided
  1. Lifetime Achievement
  2. Best Innovation

Hoping to have at least one or two games up for nomination next year - but NO DEMOS! :-D

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