Thursday, 29 May 2014

2D sandbox CREA coming to Steam June 3rd

An easily moddable, 2D sandbox game with a lighthearted mood, colorful art and RPG elements comes to Steam Early Access

Drawing on the pioneers of the sandbox genre such as Minecraft and Terraria, Crea features combat and crafting in attractive, randomly-generated worlds for you to explore, tear apart and build back up in your own design. What sets Crea apart from other sandbox games is that it's created with modders in mind. Every aspect - and we really mean every aspect - of Crea is designed to be easy to modify and customize.
Features of the Early Access game on Steam:
▪ Explore procedurally generated worlds that are built upon an expasive mythos.
▪ Grow and learn over 50 skills by performing related actions for any of your talents - Arms, Arcane, Divine, Craft, and Gather.
▪ Research numerous materials with to learn over 200 item recipes for crafting.
▪ Monsters spread throughout the world, taking over regions and growing in strength and numbers if left alone.
▪ Built from the ground up to have extensive mod support. Nearly everything is possible through the power of Python.
Crea will be available on Steam Early Access beginning June 3rd for PC (Windows) Mac and Linux for 10% off the full retail price of $14.99 (USD) or currency equivalent for the first week. 4-packs of the game will also be available at 10% off the full retail price of $44.97. In conjunction with the release, Crea has released a new trailer:

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