Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Contact Vector Relaunches With Single Player Focus

Contact Vector is a game where RTS meets turn based strategy, Command fleets and fight to save worlds from an unrelenting enemy, the destruction or survival of humanity lays in your hands.

Single Player Focus

After community feedback we have redesigned our single player to a dynamically generated campaign with dynamically spawned everts and a non linear campaign game. Contact Vector’s key focus is still on strategy and tactics both on the battlefield and when organizing and deploying your fleets. You will be tasked with defending an established human empire from an unknown relentless enemy.

Grand Campaign

During the campaign you will control the formation of fleets, ship designs, defensive structures. You will requisition reinforcements and train your crews forging them into a true navy.

Forming and supplying fleets, raiding your enemy’s industry while protecting your own. You will be able to scout and stealthily pick through enemy held systems and plan daring attacks or all out fleet engagements.

All these elements will combine to create a single player experience where you will drive the course of the war, you wont have to worry about gathering resources or the economic concerns of an empire. It will instead be your job to forge a navy capable to defending humanity and ultimately defeating the new enemy.

Contact Vector Screenshots:

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