Thursday, 8 May 2014

Like tabletop RPGs and want to learn Japanese? You can't lose with Madoushi (魔導師) !!

Madoushi (魔導師) is a paper based, tabletop RPG with a strong focus on interactive language learning. It is based in a world of fantasy.

Madoushi (魔導師) is a RPG that implements the use of cards to integrate the Japanese language into your gameplay.
The RPG itself is based on a fantasy world. Madoushi means "sorcerer", each player will take on a roll as a Mage in this world. Madoushi will have a similar concept to the Fairy tail and Final fantasy worlds, where magic and fantasy exist with some basic technology. This will allow the usage of words that would be used in, for example, a train station which will be highly useful when visiting Japan. Allowing the fantasy aspect of the game to shine with dragons and magic without hindering your progression of the language. Your Game master can, however, remove certain words  that he feels is not appropriate to the campaign this allows you to play in a more traditional Japan.
You will be able to choose your race, which will have a corresponding stat boosts, allowing the Interaction Cards and attack steps to differ for each player. A card that may help you defeat the next boss, might only make a small dent in its' HP for another player.
Check out the Kickstarter Page.

I like the idea of this (although I have to admit, I'm not really a massive fan of tabletop RPGs and I'm not looking to learn Japanese!!) - 13 days to go, they're about a quarter way towards their funding goal.

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