Monday, 5 May 2014

AGS Bake Sale 2 is here!

The AGS Bake Sale is a fun way for the AGS community to fundraise in support of a worthy cause. Basically, a fellowship of AGS game developers decide to donate their small and medium-sized indie-games to the Bake Sale Bundle, which is then offered for sale for a limited time only!  This year's AGS Bake Sale Bundle consists of 4 unique and individual games showcasing the different styles of each author. It consists of a variety of games across a few different genres, including a non-adventure game. 

This year's sale will run from May 5th to May 31, 2014

This year the proceeds of the Bake Sale will go towards offsetting the AGS Community's growing server bill. 

For more details as well as to grab your copy, visit

The four games:

2034 AC II by Ponch

Beer! by Crysal Shard

Blue Lobe Inc. by Baron

THAT DAMN DOG! by Parking Goat

I'm particularly looking forward to seeing the finished "Blue Lobe, Inc." - I played an early beta version and voiced a couple of characters for the game, which was great fun.

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