Thursday, 8 May 2014

Take a Behind the Scenes Look at Time-Warping Adventure Platformer, ‘Chronology’ in new Developer Video

About Chronology
Mixing classical fantasy with mechanical retro-futuristic elements, Chronology places players into a beautiful universe inspired by Hayao Miyazaki where time must be manipulated and controlled to move past and future in order to fix the present. The story of Chronology begins, as the inventor wakes to discover the world has ended, and has no memory of his past. After finding a time travel device that can take him back in time, his memory slowly returns... With the help of a snail, who can stop time, the inventor sets out to fix the future by changing the past. Players run and jump through puzzles, using the time travel device, that moves the player from a beautiful idyllic past to a dark dystopian future. For more information visit:

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