Monday, 12 May 2014

Unique collaboration helps indie developers with PR and distribution

11th May 2014 - The game distribution expert Plug In Digital and newly founded Incredible Concepts have formed a unique collaboration where they offer distribution with up to 70 distribution channels (including Steam access) for indie games.
Making a great game is hard but distribution and PR is even harder for small indie teams. Therefore Francis Ingrand and Tomas Ahlström, two game industry veterans with vast experience from business development and sales, decided to partner up to offer a service called Indie Game Wide Distribution.
Included in the offer are more than 70 distribution channels for indie games, but just one contract and one sales report every month. Plug In Digital takes care of the distribution and Incredible Concepts are scouting for new titles and offers free press releases for their clients.  
- "It's very easy and straight forward; the developers focus on making awesome games and we focus on distribution and sales", say Francis Ingrand, founder and CEO of Plug In Digital.
- "Indies are very happy to get help with distribution and PR. They appreciate our straight forward revenue split deal", say Tomas Ahlström, founder of Incredible Concepts.
Five games have been signed so far and will be rolled out this spring. First out is Super Panda Adventure, a game that is already popular on Desura. Now the game will be released for a much wider audience through various channels including regional distribution partners as well as cloud gaming stores.

In Super Panda Adventures, you play the brave panda-knight Fu. He is about to finish his training to become the new guardian of the Princess. At the same day of the big celebration party, some uninvited robots show up to conquer the planet and take the Princess away in their Space Ships! 

The game plays like a modern platformer combined with a new combo fighting style and lots of adventure elements. Level up your character and unlock new abilities and upgrades! Explore two different worlds in a non-linear way to find lots of hidden items.
More info about Super Panda Adventures here:

About Plug In Digital

We offer a turnkey solution for developers and video game publishers by providing them with the widest distribution and maximum marketing visibility.
We deliver your games to 70+ partners worldwide, from distribution platforms to technical aggregators, such as Steam, Amazon, Gog, Google Play, BigFishGames, uPlay & many more.
ContactFrancis Ingrand, CEO

About Incredible Concepts

Incredible Concepts was founded by games industry veteran and serial entrepreneur Tomas Ahlström. The company is based in Sweden working closely with partners and friends to maximize the value for their clients.
The company is focusing on communication, innovation and events. Just send us an email if you want to talk or catch us at a conference.
Tomas Ahlström, CEO 

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