Thursday, 8 May 2014

Jump into the Void - New 'Space Noir' Images Available

Developer N-Fusion Interactive and Unity Games are pleased to release a new pack of images from their upcoming space-faring action title, Space Noir. Grab the new screens and immerse yourself in the game's noir aesthetic, as mercenary Hal Markham pilots his starship through the orbiting metropolis of Dig City, just one of the many environments you, as Hal, will explore in Space Noir when it is released on PC and tablets this summer.
More information about Space Noir is available at -
In Space Noir, players take on the role of bounty hunter Hal Markham as he explores space, fights in white-knuckle combat both on- and off-world and captures intergalactic renegades with the help of his only companion, his ship's AI - Rhonda.  Players journey across five worlds and play through over 35 intense missions, as Hal uncovers a far-reaching conspiracy and a mysterious person who could control the future of humanity.

Evoking all time classics for the space combat genre including Wing Commander and X Wing, Space Noir includes intense ship-to-ship combat, boss battles and high-octane planetary combat missions, challenging players reaction times and piloting skills. Players can customize their ship with upgrade-able weapons, defenses, unlock-able special maneuvers and cosmetic upgrades to traverse the galaxy within an intensely dark storyline.

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