Saturday, 31 May 2014

ColourColor for iPhone®, the social, real-world colour matching game

Perth, Australia — May 31st 2014 — Whisk Mobile Development has released ColourColor for iPhone® and iPod touch®. ColourColor is a game about colour. Or color. There’s no judgement here. The unique 'game mechanic' of ColourColor involves matching the colours that you find your surroundings against those in your opponent's. Alternately setting the target colour, or attempting to match it.

ColourColor stands out from the pack with its gorgeous, crispy graphics and tasteful colour palette, perfectly in tune with the aesthetic sensibilities of the modern app consumer. Such flat. Much retina. Many long shadows. Wow.

The science bit - "using the complex CIE delta-E2000 formula, we calculate a perceptually uniform score based on how far your matching colour is from your opponent's target" - so there's real science behind it, but art in the gameplay.

ColourColor Features
* A social game of real-world colour matching.
* Challenge your friends to match the colours that you find around you.
* Choose themes such as food, transport or even the culturally significant 'selfie' theme.
* Combines sharing photos, messaging with your friends and a challenging game of skill.

Pricing and Availability
ColourColor is free to download from the App Store now. There is also an 'In-App purchase' that allow the player to play unlimited concurrent games for just 99¢ / £0.69 / €0,79. ColourColor is designed for iPhone and iPod touch, and requires iOS 7.0 or newer.

About Whisk Mobile Development

Whisk Mobile Development is a small indie developer based in sunny Perth, Western Australia. We aim to produce polished, modern apps, but more importantly, to work on projects that we find truly interesting.

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